Loving on the Edge , Book 6
ISBN: 978-0-425-26857-5
January 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

Being afraid to venture out of her house for more than absolute necessities has limited Georgia DeLaune's life but at least she has something interesting to look at.  The window in her spare bedroom has a view directly into her hot neighbor's bedroom, and Colby Wilkes is definitely something to watch.  In the year that she's been watching him, Colby has often brought home playmates women, men and sometimes even couples and he and his friends are into some very kinky stuff.  Georgia has often imagined herself in Colby's bedroom, under his hand, but what she can't imagine is working up the nerve to actually spend time with him at all.

Colby is well aware that his sexy neighbor watches him, and he's tried very hard to get her to be more than a nodding acquaintance.  On the day when he finally gets some marginal success, though, his life takes a drastic turn.  One of the students at the high school where Colby is a counselor tries to commit suicide, and since Colby was the last person at the school to talk to the boy, he's under suspicion.  Between a similar incident in his past and his job as a trainer at The Ranch, an exclusive local BDSM club, Colby decides to sit back and let things get sorted out, so as not to bring those secrets into the open.  But then a ghost from his past returns, and Colby suddenly has more trouble on his plate than he knows what to do with.

Fans of Ms. Loren's Loving on the Edge series are finally getting Colby's book in NOTHING BETWEEN US, and it's worth the wait.  Colby, a trainer at The Ranch, has also been in quite a few of the previous books as the third in a threesome, and the book actually opens with Georgia watching the session with Colby, Kade and Tessa in NEED YOU TONIGHT.  Watching his closest friends fall in love has Colby a bit envious and has made him realize how impersonal his sessions at The Ranch have been.  Thanks to his job as a counselor, Colby is aware that his neighbor is more than shy, that there is something that causes her to hide in her house.  Knowing that Georgia watches him turns him on, and when he finally gets her into his home, he can't wait to find out just what she wants to try. Georgia has never tried anything the least bit kinky, but after watching Colby, she's willing to try.  Just as she's starting to get comfortable with Colby, though, Keats arrives.  An old friend of sorts, Keats has been living just a step above homelessness, and Colby offers him a place to stay, while Georgia offers him a job.  Considerably younger than both of them, neither Georgia nor Colby can deny the attraction they feel for Keats, but just where can this attraction go?

While it's part of the Loving on the Edge series, and it includes appearances by some favorite characters, NOTHING BETWEEN US really stands well on its own, as it takes a bit of a step back from The Ranch itself.  Throughout the series, Colby has been the musician/Dom and friend to many, but in his own book we learn quite a bit more about Colby and what drives him.  Though his attraction to Georgia is pretty straight-forward, his history with Keats is beyond complicated and throws the self-assured Colby quite a few curves.  A sizzling erotic tale that lives up to its promise, NOTHING BETWEEN US is a must read.

Jennifer Bishop