FALL INTO YOU - Roni Loren
A Loving on the Edge Novel
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-25991-7
January 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

While working on a story that will hopefully earn her a promotion to a sideline reporter position with the Texas Sports Network, Charli Beaumonde is run off the road. She is rescued by the gorgeous Grant Waters, and when the doctor on the scene later announces that she has a concussion, Grant rescues her again by offering to let her stay at one of the cabins at his vineyard. Charli is drawn to Grant, but she's more accustomed to men seeing her as one of the guys.

Grant notices the interest in Charli's eyes, but his decision to wait until she's healed turns into a “not going to happen” when he finds out she's the younger sister of Max, the man who saved his life while serving in the army. He figures that's for the best, though, since two things that he doesn't do are vanilla sex and relationships. He's been looking for a new sub to train, but Grant doesn't commit to more than a month, and Charli doesn't seem like someone who would be happy with the time limit—or submission. Realizing that she's in danger because of her story, he offers her the safety of his vineyard until she can break the story, but makes it clear that there are rules about her visit.

After losing the promotion to a beautiful woman, followed by a rejection from Grant, Charli breaks his rule about staying on the vineyard side of the property and receives the first big shock—Grant's resort is better known as The Ranch, a BDSM playground for the Dallas elite. When she runs into an employee, Charli follows the woman and finds herself in a training class—where she gets a second shock: what she's doing feels right. Grant pulls her out of the class, but Charli is intrigued and gets it into her head that if she could learn to be a bit more like the submissive women she's seen, she'd have a better shot at the upcoming audition for an anchor position. Grant is convinced that Charli will balk the first time he gives an order, but he's in for a few surprises of his own.

FALL INTO YOU is the latest Loving on the Edge romance featuring the exclusive BDSM club, The Ranch, and this time the focus is on the owner. Grant typically trains a sub for a month before matching her up with a dom, never staying with one woman for longer than that. But, not only has he been without a trainee for several months, he hasn't even been a part of the scene in a while, either, so his interest in a woman who shows no submissive leanings is unexpected. Finding out she is Max's sister puts her off-limits—temporarily—because he can't seem to stop thinking about her. Charli is a tomboy who doesn't really see herself as feminine at all, and is used to men seeing her the same way. She's stunned when she finds out what Grant's resort really is, but she's just as intrigued by what she sees—and how it makes her feel.

As Charli explores submission, she begins to uncover hidden parts of herself—a side that enjoys giving control over to Grant, but also a feminine side that is as comfortable in dresses and heels as she always has been in jeans and sneakers. What started out as a way to win a promotion turns into something more for Charli, but is Grant willing to consider breaking his own rules and taking her on for more than one month? Pick up the fascinating and sizzling FALL INTO YOU to find out.

Jennifer Bishop