A Loving on the Edge Novel , Book 4
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-25992-4
August 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

Kelsey LeBreck has gotten to a place in her life where she's happy; she's clean, and while she is waitressing at a diner, she also has the opportunity to bake there as well.  Her second job is helping her to save for culinary school, and she has a wonderful fantasy life revolving around Wyatt Austin.  Then the brother of a man she helped put in jail finds her, and Wyatt steps in to help her out.  To hide out from the gang members looking for revenge, Kelsey heads to The Ranch, an exclusive BDSM resort where she works as a part-time dominatrix, and starts to make plans for leaving town.

Wyatt Austin doesn't have time for dating thanks to his job, but he enjoys having breakfast at the diner every day and seeing the too young and too sweet Kelsey.  After stepping in to help her out, it's even harder for him to ignore his attraction to her, but he's not about to get involved in a relationship with anyone.  An upcoming business trip is exactly the kind of thing that Wyatt hates while he's a brilliant businessman, he is terrible in social situations and doesn't care enough to change.  Everything he's learned about Kelsey shows him a woman who would be an asset in these situations, and he decides to get her assistance.  With the help of his brother, Jace, Wyatt finds Kelsey in the last place he'd ever expect to find her the exclusive BDSM resort known as The Ranch.

A mutually beneficial arrangement brings together two people too scared to take a chance on a relationship in CAUGHT UP IN YOU.  Kelsey sees her life as a series of bad decisions, often made because of her relationships with men.  Much as Wyatt is a perfect fantasy man, she's not sure she's willing to try reality.  The extra money she makes at The Ranch would be better if she was a trainer, not just a Domme, but in order to do that she'd have to see what it's like to be on the other side of a D/s relationship.  After her kidnapping and assault a year ago, as well as a lifetime of being controlled by others, submitting is not something she's comfortable with.  But spending a week with Wyatt as his sub sounds like a good trade for helping him through the social obligations of his upcoming retreat.  After a D/s relationship went horribly wrong in college, Wyatt has stayed away from the lifestyle, but the thought of Kelsey under his control is too good to pass up.

Fans of Ms. Loren may recognize the characters as siblings of previous characters.  CRASH INTO YOU is Kelsey's sister Brynn's story (which also includes Kelsey's kidnapping), and Wyatt is the brother of Jace Austin (MELT INTO YOU).  It's always fun to catch up with familiar characters, but this is really Kelsey and Wyatt's story, and it's a steamy one.  A sexy tale that will keep you riveted, don't miss CAUGHT UP IN YOU.

Jennifer Bishop