CALL ON ME - Roni Loren
Loving on the Edge , Book 8
ISBN: 978-0-425-27839-0
July 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

Between her job as a receptionist as well as her other, not quite as fun, late-night job, Oakley Easton is doing alright for herself and her daughter.  Then sexy drummer Pike Ryland shows up at her office and Oakley realizes her sex drive isn't dead after all.  Oakley knows too well what the rock and roll lifestyle means, and she has no desire to get involved with Pike.  Unfortunately, they get paired up together on a project and, while working together, he accidentally learns her secret.

Working with kids is not Pike's idea of fun, but when he realizes that the uptight Oakley will have to partner up with him, helping out doesn't seem like such a bad idea anymore.  When he realizes what her second job is, he can't stop himself from calling, and having the hottest sexual encounter he's had in a while.  He's never had a problem finding a willing female, but since his best friend found the love of his life, Pike has felt something missing from his sex life, and meeting Oakley makes him think she may be what's missing.  But can he convince her to give him a chance?

The latest Loving on the Edge novel, CALL ON ME, takes a step outside the Ranch (the BDSM Club that is part of what connects the series), and gives readers a chance to get to know Pike.  The fun-loving drummer who first appeared in NOT UNTIL YOU, Pike is now living on his own, with his dog. Though his band had some difficulties, they are getting back on their feet, but otherwise he's been a bit dissatisfied with his life lately.  Oakley turns things around for him, and even her daughter, Raegan, starts to have an effect on Pike.  Since finding out she was pregnant at seventeen, Oakley has relied pretty much on herself, her only true support being from her brother and his husband. She has her own past as a musician, which makes her very aware of what that lifestyle entails, and wants no part of it.  But the chemistry between her and Pike is too hard to ignore, and before she can help herself, she's giving in.

A captivating and sexy tale, don't miss CALL ON ME.

Jennifer Bishop