BREAK ME DOWN - Roni Loren
Loving on the Edge , Book 8.5
eBook ISBN: 978-0-68-18307
ISBN-13: 978-0-6981-8307-0
November 2015
Erotic Contemporary Novella

Texas - Present Day

During one of Samantha Dunbar's training sessions to become a Domme, she learned her partner's secret; Gibson Andrews enjoys submission.  The problem is, while submitting and pain really turn Gib on, he's not about to admit it and switch from being a Dom to a submissive.  So, after one incendiary encounter, the friendship between Sam and Gib becomes very strained.

When Sam is attacked after work one night, she tries to wrest back control by visiting The Ranch (the exclusive BDSM Club where she is a member), but when the owner tells her she's in no state to play, she heads out to the remote farmhouse she is restoring.  Gib follows, with every intention of being there for Sam whether she wants it or not.  Eventually, Sam agrees to let Gib stay, on one condition: during the week they spend at the house, he'll submit to her.  The temptation to give in and enjoy himself where nobody will ever know is too great for Gib to pass up and he agrees.  This week together forces both Sam and Gib to face the demons of their past, but will it lead to anything more than one stolen week?

Fans of the Loving on the Edge series will be thrilled with BREAK ME DOWN, the chance to finally read Gib and Sam's story.  Their first introduction to readers was in NEED YOU TONIGHT, the story between Gib's brother, Kade, and Sam's best friend, Tessa.  Sam had been just starting out her training as a Domme, and to help her out, Gib would occasionally play submissive for her.  He has always, somewhat secretly, enjoyed pain, but because of his upbringing with his abusive father, Gib keeps himself firmly on the Dom side of the equation.  Something about Sam has flipped his switches since they first met, but when they cross lines he's not comfortable crossing, Gib steps back.  Sam bounced around a lot in foster care, and is tired of not being chosen.  If Gib isn't willing to admit to his true desires, she's not going to push. 

Both characters are trying to overcome pretty harsh childhoods, and the things that haunt them about their respective pasts aren't going to be easy to overcome.  The sex scenes between Gib and Sam are erotic and push boundaries, but BREAK ME DOWN is as emotionally driven as it is erotic, and is a highly enjoyable story.

Jennifer Bishop