Ice Mountain Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3548-0
November 2015
Inspirational Romance

Ice Mountain, Coudersport, Pennsylvania, the Present

After the death of Grossmuder May, Sarah Mast's friend and mentor in the arts of healing, Sarah moved into her cabin and took over her job as town healer. Edward King thought the place was empty when he drunkenly sought somewhere to take shelter from the storm. Sarah and Edward had been in love when he went off to work in the Englischer gas rigs, but he came back a changed man, one Sarah doesn't know any more. Yet she can't throw him out into the rain, even advises him to dry himself. He took off his shirt to do so, that's when Sarah's father found them and demanded an immediate marriage. Thus begins a difficult time of restraint as they agree to a marriage in name only.

Author Kelly Long does a great job of letting us know the circumstances of Edward's life after his grossdaudi forced moonshine on him at age eight, though the revelations come slowly, as do his changes as he comes under the influence of Sarah and the faith of the Amish. We get to know Sarah and her family much more quickly. And then the community.

I was surprised at the detailed descriptions of the pair's marital relationship like I'd never come across in an Amish romance. They do serve, however, to showcase Edward's generosity and tenderness, and also the sense of fun he liberates in Sarah.

THE AMISH HEART OF ICE MOUNTAIN combines wonderful characters, community spirit, the anguish of a man's soul, a woman's dedication to home, family, friendship, service, and love, as well as what faith in God can do.

Jane Bowers