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The Palace of Rogues, Book 6
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 0063280914
July 25, 2023
Historical Romance

London, England – Regency Era

Lorcan St. Leger grew up in the bitter dangerous streets of St. Giles. By sheer grit and intelligence, instead of living and dying on the streets, Lorcan has made himself a wealthy man. From Pirate to Privateer Lorcan can rub elbows with the elite of London or take out a thief bent on mischief. Large in stature and with the look of a pirate, no one messes with St. Leger. While heading to find lodging before the storm that is threatening unleashes on his head, he sees a satchel and umbrella tossed out a second story window, quickly followed by shapely legs. Curious, he watches as the woman begins to lower herself out the window hanging on to sheets tied together. She is obviously trying to reach the crates below the window to escape from something or someone.

Lady Daphne Worth never in a million years expected to find herself dangling out a second story window. She had a plan, but someone moved the crates below the window and now she has no idea how she can safely get to the ground, and with the strength in her arms giving out she can’t climb back in the window. Suddenly a man calls out to her. She freezes unsure what to do. With no choice, she grudgingly accepts his offer to help. Closing her eyes, she releases the sheet as the stranger suggests, sure she will crash on the ground. The stranger easily catches her, and when she catches her breath and looks up to thank him, she’s not sure if he’s a savior or a villain… he certainly looks more like a villain that a hero. Lady Daphne always tries to be proper so thanks the pirate gentlemen and assures him she needs no further assistance.

St. Leger follows the daft women quietly, it’s dark, stormy, and not the best part of London. Good thing he does as a miscreant quickly accosts her. At this point St. Leger is intrigued and insist he escort her to her lodgings, as he is also in need of accommodations.

St. Leger and Lady Worth arrive at the Grand Palace on the Thames just as the full fury of the storm is upon them. In order to receive lodging at the Grand Palace on the Thames they must pretend to be a married couple. Unfortunately, one of the proprietors is known to Daphne so the ruse is absolutely necessary to save her reputation.

The storm rages outside for days and flooding occurs, keeping the occupants of the Grand Palace on the Thames inside.

Will Daphne and Lorcan be able to keep up the lie of their marriage or will they be found out?

The longer Lorcan is near Daphne the harder he finds it to resist his desire for her. Daphne quickly learns that looks do not make the man, nor does a title. The two grow close, but neither believes this interlude will last beyond the storm.

HOW TO TAME A WILD ROGUE by Julie Ann Long is one of the best forced into close proximately romances I have ever read. The relationship that develops between Lorcan and Daphnie is tender, gentle, and beautiful. Lorcan sees the real Daphne. Not the Daphne the world sees, which is a spinster who was jilted, and now stays home and cares for her father. Lorcan sees her intelligence, her curiosity, her humor, and spirit. Daphne sees more than the pirate outer shell; she sees a man of honor and kindness. It’s not long before their hearts nearly beat as one, though neither believes in happy – ever – after.

HOW TO TAME A WILD ROGUE combines witty banter, a delightful cast of characters and a love story that will melt your heart. This is the sixth book in the Palace of Rogues series. I highly recommend HOW TO TAME A WILD ROGUE and enjoyed the secondary characters so much I’ve bought the five previous novels to learn more about them. I highly recommend HOW TO TAME A WILD ROGUE and give it the RRT Perfect 10. Don’t miss this most entertaining, humorous, and romantic story.

Terrie Figueroa

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