Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-239761-4
June 2016
Contemporary Romance

Hellcat Canyon, California, the Present

Hellcat Canyon is a small town in the foothills of Northern California near where the California Gold Rush began. The community may be made up of a variety of characters, but it tends to be a close-knit one. When Britt Langley arrived a couple of years ago, her sweet nature and kind heart made a place for her. She lives in a little house on the outskirts with Phillip, her cat, and works two jobs.

John Tennessee McCord creates a stir when his truck gives him trouble and he stops in Hellcat Canyon. He was a wildly popular star of the long-running TV show, Blood Brothers , and is on his way to Napa and the wedding of its director. The show has run its course, and now he has hopes of a movie. He leaves his truck at a garage and enters a restaurant and tavern called the Misty Cat Cavern. Probably the only person in there who doesn't recognize him is the pretty waitress. A bit of conversation is all that's needed for J.T. to be intrigued…and it works both ways. After the debacle that drove Britt out of Southern California to this refuge, she has no time for men, but she finds there is more to this one than his astoundingly sexy good looks.

This is just the beginning of a moving tale of a man and woman with wounded hearts. Their pasts might be sad, but their relationship is an exceptionally sprightly one as they come to know and appreciate each other. The way isn't entirely smooth, however, given the actions of a few others. Though for the most part, the town is on their side.

Sweetness and kindness, along with passion and humor, fill the pages in HOT IN HELLCAT CANYON; it has very well-developed characters and a suspenseful plot. Can we expect more tales set in this engaging town reviewers have dubbed “quirky”? I hope so.

Readers may know Ms. Long as an established writer of historical romance; this is her first contemporary . . . Well done!

Jane Bowers