Secrets of Hadley Green , Book 3
Pocket Star
ISBN: 978-1-4391-7547-7
ISBN: 978-1-4391-7551-4 (eBook)
April 2012
Historical Romance

England, 1805

When Olivia, Lady Carey married the Marquis of Carey at a naïve eighteen, she had great hopes of a happy union. But days, months, then years went by without her bearing the heir her husband demanded of her, and he became more and more nasty and verbally abusive. She puts up with his drunken fumbling in the marriage bed, but she doesn't do what many mothers advise their daughters to do… Close your eyes and think of England . Oh, my, no. Olivia is much more creative than that.

Harrison Tolly, the Carey steward, has served the family managing their four estates since the present marquis's father took him under his wing. Ever since the present marquis brought home his bride, Harrison has watched the lightness fade from Lady Carey's nature under her husband's bullying. He can do nothing but be her friend while keeping his love a secret from the world.

Olivia's sister Alexa, herself eighteen and a rather self-centered child, recently returned from a visit abroad…in the family way. She'd fallen in love with a handsome Spanish gentleman. Alexa refuses to name the father, but is determined to not give up her baby. What is Olivia to do? Alexa is her only family, and Olivia promised their mother to take care of her. Her husband, a social snob who abhors scandal touching his name, insists on sending Alexa to a convent in Ireland . As Lady Carey and Mr. Tolly try to think of another solution, Harrison, a kind and generous man, offers to marry Alexa to give the child a name if all else fails. Harrison , you see, is himself a bastard who never knew a father.

There is so much to follow that will change Olivia's and Harrison 's situations, you'll find yourself deep into the story in no time.

THE SEDUCTION OF LADY X begins amusingly then turns serious for quite a while, but hang in there; it ends on a happy note. Meanwhile, you will fall in love with Harrison and greatly admire Olivia…and want to punch out her husband.

The Hadley Green series began with THE YEAR OF LIVING SCANDALOUSLY and continued with last month's THE REVENGE OF LORD EBERLIN. All three books stand alone very well, though a few characters and a plot thread carry over into this latest novel. With lots of revealing dialogue and illuminating narrative, THE SEDUCTION OF LADY X is highly recommendable in its own right.

Jane Bowers