Harlequin Kiss #3
ISBN: 978-0-373-20702-2
February 2013
Series Romance

London, England – Present Day

After being publicly rejected by her boyfriend after proposing marriage on air during a radio station's Valentine's Day promotion, Georgia Stone wants to go hide under a rock. But during her flight from humiliation, she encounters the station's producer, Zander Rush. In order to help both Georgia and the station save face over the debacle that has London talking, he proposes that the station instead have a Year of Georgia, where she experiences things she's never done before. While she'd rather everyone forgot about her, Zander waves the contract she'd signed in front of her. She'll soon learn how to be a spy, salsa dance and other things; all the while her reactions are being recorded—by Zander.

As the months go by, Georgia and Zander begin to learn more about each other. Zander is enigmatic, to say the least, but deep down lurks a man who's afraid to share his true feelings with others. Georgia thought she found the perfect man in the man she'd proposed to, but soon she learns she was only grasping at what she thought was a nice, safe future. Zander intrigues and excites her. With the multitude of new experiences she begins to find life exciting, yet it is Zander she wishes to know more about. What makes the man tick? And why does Georgia start to have feelings for a man who makes it clear he's not looking for any romantic relationship with her?

HOW TO GET OVER YOU EX is one of the first Kiss releases from Harlequin. While I have only read this book, it kind of felt like part chick lit with a lush infusion of romance blended in. There was one love scene that was basically mild compared to other lines like Blaze or Desire, yet there was plenty of sexual tension. Georgia is angst-ridden after her public rejection and doesn't want to get involved with any man at the moment, but Zander changes all that for her. Zander is mysterious (and rich), yet she's still attracted to him. She can't help but try to elicit some response out of him, like dancing in a seductive way just for him. Each time Georgia makes a move to get closer to Zander, he pulls away. Even I began to wonder if there would be any chance of a happily-ever-after for Georgia and Zander in HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX.

An intriguing start to the Kiss series, HOW TO GET OVER YOUR EX was fun to read as Georgia learned how to experience life in a way she'd never done before. Readers will get wrapped up in Georgia's adventures just as they will her future with Zander.

Patti Fischer