WILDFIRE IN HIS ARMS - Johanna Lindsey
Callahan-Warren Family , Book #2
Gallery Books - Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-5011-0541-8
June 2015
Historical Romance

Montana Territory to Texas - 1880's

Gun-for-hire Degan Jones has completed his assignment protecting the Callahans and the Warrens from harm,  and he's ready to move on out of Montana.  Headed for California, which is as far away from his home in Chicago as he can get, Degan's on his way out of town when an old friend, U.S. Marshall John Hayes asks for a huge favor.  John wants Degan to find and arrest at least three men from a stack of wanted posters John hands him.  Even though Degan is itching to be on his way West, he owes John for saving his life a few years ago.  The good news is that he spots one of the outlaws, a young kid named Max Dawson, right here in town.  Life is sweet.  All Degan has to do is make a quick arrest, find the other two men, then get about his own business.  It's a good plan, until Fate throws him a curve ball.

The boy named Max Dawson isn't who everyone thinks, her name is really Maxine Dawson, and she's on the run from her hometown, Bingham Hills, Texas.  The town mayor is crooked, and even though Max didn't kill the bastard when she had the chance, she ran, and the man wants her brought back.  You can imagine Degan's surprise when he discovers Max's real identity.  So, in order to keep her safe from harm, Degan decides to keep her his prisoner, handcuffing her and taking her along while he searches for the remaining two outlaws.

WILDFIRE IN HIS ARMS is a real winner!  Determined to get justice for Max, Degan's hunt for the killers turns into a jaunt across the Western states.  To complicate matters, they find themselves on the run from an unseen enemy of Degan's who's trying to kill him.  Known as the gentleman hired gun, Degan dresses in fancy clothes and refuses to camp out on the trail, preferring fine hotels and hot meals to roughing it.  He and Max fight like cats and dogs the entire time, and she continually tries to elude his captivity with a bit of romance thrown in to make life interesting.  What starts out as just a simple job for Degan turns into a run for their lives as they fall in love.

WILDFIRE IN HIS ARMS is real romance Western style!  The second book in the Callahan-Warren Series , this novel follows ONE HEART TO WIN (June 2014).  Both books stand alone, but I recommend reading them together for a truly satisfying story-time escape!   A plethora of secondary characters abound inside these pages, and several plot threads coexist, bringing in characters from both books.

Do not miss WILDFIRE IN HIS ARMS!  Degan is the hero-to-die-for, and Max is truly his one great love!

Diana Risso