MAKE ME LOVE YOU – Johanna Lindsey
Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1-5011-0542-5 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-5011-0550-0 (eBook)
July 2016
Historical Romance

England in the Regency Era

Soon to be eighteen years old, Lady Brooke Whitworth eagerly looks forward to her debut Season in London. If she can find a husband, she can finally get away from her cold—sometimes cruel—family. Then she overhears her parents speaking of the Prince Regent's demand that the Whitworths make peace with the Wolfe family through their daughter's marriage to Viscount Dominic Wolfe in the wilds of Yorkshire. Wolfe has three times challenged the earl's heir to duels but Robert still lives. The spendthrift Regent has found a way to fill his coffers, for whichever side refuses to obey the edict will be stripped of everything, including title and estates.

Brooke is sorry to miss the London marriage mart, but she decides she must get Wolfe to marry her so no one loses. Wolfe on the other hand, intends to drive the Whitworth chit away so he keeps everything, and his enemy loses all. He failed three times to kill Robert for what he did; this is the next best thing.

Brooke is met with disdain, yet she's somehow attracted to the handsome lord. Also, her sympathy goes out to him. Her brother wounded him in the leg in the last duel, and it's become infected. The doctor has about given up on saving him. Aha! This is Brooke's chance to show him her good side. Brooke is accompanied by her maid, Alfreda, who was more of a mother to her than her own mother was. Alfreda happens to be an herbalist and healer with knowledge of potions and cures past down in her family for generations. Between the two of them they set out to cure Wolfe.

Get set for a battle royal between two stubborn people. Both are attractive, but try to ignore that fact. They also have more in common than they realize. Extras in the tale include—besides their families—servants, horses, dogs, and maybe even a wolf. I was entranced throughout. I read and read all afternoon and evening until I almost finished, but, alas, I needed to retire to my bed and finish up in the morning. I highly recommend MAKE ME LOVE YOU as a thrilling and amusing read.

Jane Bowers