Harlequin Desire #2381
ISBN: 978-0-373-73394-1
June 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Auckland, New Zealand – Present Day

Two years ago, Xander and Olivia Jackson separated after the tragic loss of their son, Parker, and their divorce is about to be finalized when Xander is in a car accident. When he awakens from his coma, he has no memory of the last six years, and thinks he and Olivia are still married. The hospital contacts her after he asks for her and, once she sees him again, she decides to go along with his belief they're still married and takes him home once he's released. He's ready to resume normal marital relations, but she tries to keep him at bay, afraid she's deceiving him by not telling him the truth. How long will it take before Xander remembers, and once he does, what will his feelings toward her be?

While things on the surface seem the same to Xander, he still gets a feeling that in fact they're not at all. Why is Olivia reticent about some details of their past—and present day? Why did she put him in the spare bedroom—at first—and refuse to let them make love? Yes, he is still weak, but surely they can resume some limited marital relations? Will he ever remember the past six years, or is he doomed for them to remain missing?

Olivia is hoping for a second chance at love with Xander in THE WIFE HE COULDN'T FORGET by Yvonne Lindsay. After losing Parker when he was killed by a drunken driver, Xander and Olivia simultaneously blamed the other and themselves for actions that happened that day. Instead of his death bringing them closer, it pulled them apart. Due to how they were raised—Xander lost a sibling when he was a child that threw his father into depression, and Olivia learned how to hold her feelings in after her mother died—neither wants to rely on the other to share their grief. It takes getting back together—albeit due to Xander's amnesia—that makes them take a better look back at how they made mistakes in their reactions when Parker died.

Keeping Xander out of her bed is hard for Olivia to do because it only causes him to ask more questions…answers she's not ready to reveal yet. He thinks things are fairly normal while she's trying to get used to having her husband back in her bed. It doesn't take long for them to make love, and in this sizzling tale, there's plenty of opportunities to get caught up in what they've missed the past two years. How long before Xander's memories start to return? Suffice to say he's angry when he does remember, but Olivia has an even bigger surprise for him that may keep them together.

For an emotional, sexy journey of love rediscovered after tragedy forced them apart, grab yourself a copy of THE WIFE HE COULDN'T FORGET and be prepared for a tale you won't soon forget.

Patti Fischer