THE WAYWARD SON - Yvonne Lindsay
The Master Vintners , Book 1
Harlequin Desires #2141
ISBN: 978-0-373-73154-1
February 2012
Series Romance

Adelaide Hills, South Australia & Auckland, New Zealand - Present Day

It figures that the very fine male specimen that Anna Garrick is checking out turns out to be Judd Wilson.  Anna works as a personal assistant to Charles Wilson at Wilson 's Wines.  With Charles's health declining, he's decided to mend fences with the son he hasn't seen in twenty-five years, and expects Anna to facilitate the meeting.  As Charles is the closest thing Anna has ever had as a father, she's hoping to get an idea about the kind of person Judd is before approaching him.  Unfortunately, all she's learned is that he's very charming, and affects her like no other man has before.

Judd figured out that there was something the beautiful Anna was hiding from him, but it was a shock to learn that she works for his father.  His father basically kicked Judd and his mother out when he was six years old, and Judd—who idolized his father—eventually gave up hope that his father would return for him.  Now Charles wants Judd back in his life and Wilson Wines, and he's willing to hand over the company and house in order to ensure Judd's return.  The thought of taking revenge for both himself and his embittered mother is too much for Judd to pass up, and the idea of seducing Anna only sweetens the pot.

An irresistible attraction is at the heart of THE WAYWARD SON, a tale of both love and revenge.  Judd didn't fully understand why he and his mother returned to the vineyard her family owned, or why his father disappeared from his life, until he was in his teens.  He's always believed his mother's side of the story, without considering that his father had his, and now Judd plans to take back what should have been his all these years.  Anna is a complication he couldn't have counted on; he's never been so affected by a woman in his life, but he also has his suspicions about what relationship she shares with his father.  Anna finds herself in a difficult position—her loyalty to Charles means keeping secrets from her best friend, Nicole, who is Judd's sister.  Anna knows that Nicole will be devastated to learn that everything she's worked for will mean nothing if Judd returns and Anna must keep quiet until Charles makes his announcement.  She's also battling the attraction she feels towards Judd, because once he takes over the company, he'll be her boss.  But some feelings are too strong to fight, and it isn't long before Anna's and Judd's give in to them.

Anna and Judd are in for a few surprises in this book, and so is Nicole, whose book will be out next month.  An entertaining and sexy romance, look for THE WAYWARD SON.

Jennifer Bishop