Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2559
ISBN: 978-0-373-83886-8
December 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Los Angeles, California – Present Day

As Piers Luckman's personal assistant, Faye Darby is used to doing unusual assignments for her wealthy boss, but decorating his vacation home in Jackson Hole with Christmas decorations for his big holiday party? Faye would rather get the plague. Despite not wanting to do it, she does, but the moment Piers arrives, she's determined to leave. When Faye gets to her rental car, she discovers an abandoned baby. While surprised at finding the unexpected baby, all she wants to do is dump the baby in Piers lap and leave, which is basically what she tries to do. However, a fallen tree blocks the road, and a snowstorm ends with the three of them snowbound.
Neither Piers nor Faye knows who the baby belongs to, though a note says Piers is the father, but he states he couldn't be because he was abstinent around the time of the presumed conception. Likely the child was fathered by his recently deceased twin brother, so Piers plans to foster the child until DNA can be done. He asks for Faye's help with the baby, but she refuses, even though it's apparent she does know how to care for an infant. As their days together continue, Pier tries to unpeel the layers of Faye. She's hiding something, and he wants to find out what. They soon grow close…enough to lead them to a night of passion. But will that change everything between them?

Faye was tragically orphaned when she was fifteen on Christmas Eve, and that is the reason she hates the holiday. Her idea of spending Christmas is to curl up at home and watch non-Christmas themed movies. She values her job, which is why she ended up in Jackson Hole decorating his place, despite the pain she feels doing so. When Piers arrives, she's already halfway out the door, but the discovery of the baby in her car delays her. She gives him the basic info so that the playboy Piers can care for the child—and then hastily makes her exit, only to be blocked by a fallen tree. She doesn't want to be in his house surrounded by Christmas decorations—or be tempted by her boss. Faye is about to fail on both fronts.

Piers doesn't have to care for a child that isn't his (though there's nothing that can be done with the road blocked during a snowstorm), but he wants to keep the little boy because it's a possible link to his brother. Meanwhile, Piers makes the most of Faye staying under his roof. He's always been intrigued by her, and the closeness has him digging even deeper. There is something she's hiding, and he's determined to find out what it is. He didn't plan to make love to her, but once that happens, he can't wait to explore their relationship further. But she refuses…and as soon as the roads are cleared, she's off, leaving Piers confused. Should he try to pursue her? What about the baby…will he end up adopting the child?

THE CHRISTMAS BABY BONUS is an emotional tale of heartbreak and hope, with Christmas in the background and a baby as a bonus. If you love sexy, heartwarming stories, then THE CHRISTMAS BABY BONUS will be the one you'll want to read this month.

Patti Fischer