Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2415
ISBN: 978-0-373-73428-3
December 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Nolan Dane grew up in Royal, but after the tragic loss of his wife and child, he moved to Los Angeles where he has built a successful law practice. He's currently working for a mysterious sheikh who is buying up land around Royal. Nolan has been dispatched to his hometown to get the Intel on some land on which several craft stores currently stand that the property owners refuse to sell. On his first visit, Nolan meets one of the shop owners, Raina Patterson, and is instantly attracted to the single mother. A friendship soon develops between them, which leads to their wanting to go further than being friends. But how will Raina react when she learns that Nolan is part of the company that wants to evict her?

As the mother of an active little boy, Raina has little time for relationships, and after the failed one with her son's father, she's certainly not looking for a male companion. But from the moment she meets Nolan, she's attracted to him, despite the fact she tries to avoid being around him. Wherever she turns, there is Nolan, and the more she sees him, the greater the attraction becomes. If they give into their mutual feelings, will she end up making a mistake?

Nolan doesn't exactly lie to Raina in LONE STAR HOLIDAY PROPOSAL about his involvement with the mysterious company buying up Royal land, but he isn't forthcoming with her about whom he is employed by. Besides, he's not looking beyond a casual fling—at first—because after what happened with his wife and son he's sworn off commitments. He's a man scarred by his past and afraid of looking to the future. Nolan does have a niggle of regret of what he's doing, but with folks in the county still trying to recover from the devastating tornado of last year, he tells himself that buying up their land is a good thing. Will he end up having a conscience when it comes to jeopardizing Raina's business?

Lurking in the background for Raina is her ex…he's a worthless loser who sees her as his money tree. When he comes begging for money—again—she convinces herself that he'll finally go away if she gives him what he wants. But unknown to Raina, Nolan learns what is going on and intercedes. Now that the path to Raina is cleared of unsavory baggage, will Nolan claim her as his? What about Nolan's complicity in helping to buy the land on which Raina's shop sits on?

There's a lot going on in the latest Texas Cattleman's Club series, Lies and Lullabies . First off, what is behind the mysterious agenda the Sheikh has with him buying up land in an area he has never seen? Nolan's homecoming in LONE STAR HOLIDAY PROPOSAL is bittersweet, as it brings back the terrible memories of his previous time here. He also has to mend fences with his parents, who still live in town. Raina has to be careful in introducing a man into her life especially since her son is looking for a daddy figure. Is Nolan the right man for the job?

As LONE STAR HOLIDAY PROPOSAL is only the second book in the series, I highly recommend reading the first one, COURTING THE COWBOY BOSS, to get a sense of the minor characters as they flit in and out of scenes. An intriguing romance that soon has Nolan groveling at Raina's feet for forgiveness and her love, grab a copy of LONE STAR HOLIDAY PROPOSAL today.

Patti Fischer