Dynasties: The Lassiters , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2306
ISBN: 978-0-373-73319-4
June 2014
Series Contemporary Romance

Cheyenne, Wyoming – Present Day

A few months ago, florist Jenna Montgomery was hired to provide flowers for the ill-fated wedding of billionaire chef Dylan Lassiter's sister. Jenna and Dylan hit it off so instantly the night of the rehearsal dinner that they wound up in a closet having hot, passionate sex. With all that happened after that night—Dylan's adoptive father passed away and the contents of the will has left the whole Lassiter family up in arms—Jenna hasn't seen him since. But one day he comes into her florist shop and learns a startling truth: she is pregnant with his child.

Dylan is about to open a new, world-class restaurant in Cheyenne and shouldn't be distracted by anything, but learning Jenna is pregnant throws him for a loop. First thing on his agenda is to put a ring on her finger. But she refuses, feeling that a one night stand doesn't lead to a happily-ever-after, especially with a playboy like Dylan. He's persistent, and there's no arguing about the sizzling chemistry between them. Dylan's family is embroiled in a scandal swirling around the will, and Jenna doesn't want to add to it if her own scandalous past comes to light. Can she convince him that he can only be a father to their child and not her husband?

A fling in a coat closet leads to an unplanned pregnancy in EXPECTING THE CEO'S CHILD by Yvonne Lindsay. Neither Dylan nor Jenna expected the night would end like it did, and he's dived headfirst into protecting his family's good name after the unexpected death of their father, J.D. Lassiter. Dylan is based in Los Angeles running the restaurant arm of the family's company, but he's back in Cheyenne for the new restaurant, so he hadn't had a chance to look up Jenna—a woman he couldn't entirely forget from that fateful night. But he's stunned when he discovers she's pregnant. Why didn't she tell him?

Jenna tries to keep a low profile after having her name splashed over the media when she was a teenager. Getting involved with a high profile man like Dylan isn't the wisest thing to do, yet her hormones beg to differ. He is like a catalyst to the hot desire between them. She tries to keep him at bay, but soon she's unable to resist his kisses…and much more. Jenna should run away as fast as she can, but she's having Dylan's baby. As he woos and works on convincing her that marriage is the best thing for them and their child, she wonders how—and when—she's going to tell him the truth before it explodes in the media. Will he believe in her innocence?

There are a lot of secrets and questions going on in EXPECTING THE CEO'S CHILD and readers will be pulled in by all the drama. In between is the hot sexual attraction between Dylan and Jenna that cannot be denied. While this tale is part of The Lassiters series, it could possibly be read alone, but I highly recommend the two prior books that further explain how the will's contents has shattered the lives of a rich and powerful family.

A passionate tale, you won't want to miss EXPECTING THE CEO'S CHILD.

Patti Fischer