Courtesan Brides , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2464
ISBN: 978-0-373-73477-1
August 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Erminia – Present Day

Ottavia Romolo is a paid courtesan, and King Rocco of Erminia wants to “employ” her. But to his surprise he learns she has a clause in her contract…no sex is allowed. Ottavia insists on this clause and Rocco is enamored enough of her beauty that he agrees...with his own clause: they can change the no sex decree by agreement of both parties. Rocco installs her in his bedroom chambers and gets to know her better even though no sex is involved. She keeps parts of herself hidden, but underneath her beauty lies a strong and intelligent woman. Meanwhile, Rocco is facing pressure to marry a princess and asks Ottavia to help plan the party where he'll meet the two prospective, suitable, brides.

Ottavia has risen from the depths of a horrible childhood that saw her raped and placed in foster care. She uses her beauty and brains to provide stimulating relationships with men, but she is doing this to support her developmentally disabled sister. She is aware many see her as a “prostitute” but they don't know that she doesn't have sex with her “employers.” Ottavia finds herself attracted to Rocco, so will she change her mind on the no sex vow?

Is isn't every day that readers find a story about courtesans, especially one as emotionally scarred and charming as Ottavia. But in CONTRACT WEDDING, EXPECTANT BRIDE, readers will surely take to her and root for her to find her Prince Charming, or as in this case, her King. Rocco is battling the right to remain on the throne as there are unknown enemies who have challenged his crown by claiming there is another rightful heir. But a man needs pleasure to counteract the pain of betrayal, and after holding Ottavia against her will to avoid a scandal instigated by his sister, Mila, in her quest to win her fiancé's love, he now wants her. You can find Mila's story in ARRANGED MARRIAGE, BEDROOM SECRETS that came out in June 2016.

Sharing a bed is tempting enough for both, but Ottavia and Rocco turn out to be strong, even if they nibble a little here and there. The arrival of the prospective princesses soon turns out to be an eye-opener. Rocco values fidelity but apparently the princesses do not care if he has a mistress. As his attraction for Ottavia grows, so does the realization that she is his perfect bride. While she is not royalty, can he change the country's constitution to allow him to marry her? As they give into the passion that has heated up between them, people around him who want to bring him down start to take action. Will Rocco be able to fight for both his livelihood and his woman and win?

With adversaries working against them, Rocco and Ottavia are finally faced with a crisis that may decide their futures. In CONTRACT WEDDING, EXPECTANT BRIDE, will they overcome the obstacles placed in front of them to find their happily-ever-after? Find out in this intriguing and sizzling tale.

Patti Fischer