The Highest Bidder , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2180
ISBN: 978-0-373-73193-0
September 2012
Series Romance

London, England and New York City – Present Day

After the death of her father, artist Avery Cullen has surrounded herself with memories of him, mulled in grief. But when Marcus Price shows up on her doorstep, offering to sell her father's extensive art collection, Avery is intrigued by the man, even as she turns him down. Marcus is suave and willing to wait her out. She's a beautiful but lonely woman who is just ripe for the picking. When she tells him of an angel statue that she loved as a child that reminds her of her late mother and that she's been looking for it, he offers to help her find it. What better way to get on Avery's good side than to provide a bit of leverage? Of course, the fact that sparks fly between them immediately means that it doesn't take long before Marcus seduces Avery.

Avery loved her father, though the man kept his emotions separate from her after her mother died. His massive art collection would fetch a tidy sum at an auction, as well as for the auction house that lands the deal. Marcus bides his time wooing Avery, yet it doesn't take much. She's soon falling in love with Marcus. But how will Avery  feel when she learns the real reason Marcus is romancing her is because he wants a particular painting that he feels was unjustly taken from his family? Is his attention to Avery fake, and will he break her heart?

A SILKEN SEDUCTION is a compelling addition to The Highest Bidder series, and readers will surely question Marcus's reasons for charming Avery. She's vulnerable, still grieving for her father and wanting desperately to get back the angel her father ruthlessly sold after her mother's untimely death. There are other auction houses that'd pay dearly to get the Cullen Art Collection and Avery has more than her share of suitors, especially since she is not only wealthy, but beautiful. But it is Marcus she connects with right from the first moment they meet. He's not only handsome, but knows just the right things to say to win her trust. But does she trust him too much? How will she react when she learns that he wants a particular painting that she possesses and will go to any lengths to retrieve it?

Marcus is hiding a lot of his past from Avery. He was raised by his beloved grandfather after his drug addicted mother died and his father was paid off to stay away. He owes a lot to his grandfather, and at the top of his list is the painting by Avery's uncle. Marcus will do anything— anything —to get his hands on the painting. But has he gone too far by bedding the lonely heiress? Readers might shake their head at such a ruthless hero, yet his loyalty to his grandfather can't be criticized. It doesn't take much for Marcus in A SILKEN SEDUCTION to lure Avery into his arms and into bed.  When will he finally reveal the truth to her? Can he find the angel she has been looking for?

A SILKEN SEDUCTION is part of The Highest Bidder series, but there should be no problems reading this as a standalone. As Marcus and Avery grow closer and fall in love, the more you'll come to enjoy their passionate tale.

Patti Fischer