The Master Vintners , Book 2
Harlequin Desire # 2147
ISBN: 978-0-373-73160-2
March 2012
Series Romance

Auckland, New Zealand - Present Day

After learning that her father has turned over controlling interest in the family company to her long-lost brother, Nicole Wilson acts a little impulsively.  While at a dance club, Nicole meets Nate, a super-sexy guy who dances incredibly well, and she decides to go home with him.  For years Nicole has devoted herself to her career, sacrificing a personal life in her efforts to please her father, so now she's going to cut loose and have some fun.  What follows is the most amazing weekend of her life as she and Nate enjoy each other in every way imaginable.  All good things have to come to an end, though, and when Nicole's weekend ends, it does so with a startling revelation.

Nate Hunter Jackson is instantly attracted to the sultry beauty on the dance floor, but when he recognizes her, he knows he has to talk to her.  Since he was a child, Nate has dreamed of getting revenge on Charles Wilson for the callous way Charles treated Nate's father, Thomas.  After taking over Jackson Enterprises, Nate has been looking for ways to hurt Charles's business, and now fate hands him the instrument of his revenge in the very tempting Nicole.  From what she's let slip over the weekend, Nate knows that her work is underappreciated at Wilson Wines, and the betrayal by her father gives Nate the opening he needs to get Nicole to join him at Jackson Enterprises.  He intends to show her that she can be happier with him than at Wilson Wines, but Nate never thought of how happy she could make him.

The second of the Masters Vintners series, A FORBIDDEN AFFAIR gives readers a chance to see what happens when Nicole storms out of the home and business that have just been handed over to her stranger of a brother.  Their parents split up when Judd was six and Nicole was one year old, with Judd moving to Australia with their mother, and Nicole was left with their father.  Charles's declining health has caused him to reach out to Judd, but in doing so, he's effectively cut Nicole out of the business.  Hurt and betrayed, she goes a little wild, and ends up with a man who could hurt her even more.  Nate's life hasn't always been easy, and it was painful for him to see how his father was affected by the rift with Charles.  Nate has driven himself in his career, always with the hopes that one day he could make Charles pay for what he's done.  Nate is a bit single-minded when it comes to this, making it not very easy to like him as his relationship begins with Nicole.  There is more than a need for revenge behind their romance, and there is definitely heat between them, but will it be enough to put the past behind them?  Pick up A FORBIDDEN AFFAIR and find out.

Jennifer Bishop