A FATHER'S SECRET – Yvonne Lindsay
Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2187
ISBN: 978-373-73200-5
October 2012
Series Romance

Lake Tahoe, California – Present Day

The past few months have been rough for Erin Connell, what with her husband dying and her barely hanging onto the bed and breakfast she runs. But the one truly perfect thing in her life is her baby son Riley. Now even that is being threatened with the news that the fertility clinic screwed up by using another man's donation instead of her husband's. And the alleged father not only wants paternity established, but has made noises of staking a claim. The arrival of a new boarder temporarily allows Erin to put her problems aside. Sam Thornton seems nice, with an interest in Erin and Riley. If only she knew why….

Sam has his lawyers on the case, but he wants to find out if there is any chance that Riley is his son. Of course, if he'd been honest with Erin in the first place, then she'd likely thrown him out. After losing his wife in a terrible car accident that left him with physical problems and emotional scars, the news that he's a daddy has brightened his life. But as Sam gets to know Erin and how much Riley means to her, he becomes torn over how shared custody will affect her. Or the fact that he suddenly wants them to be a family…

I've read a lot of Desires in my lifetime, but I have to say that A FATHER'S SECRET is one of the most emotional. Be prepared to dab a few tears away as you read this tale. Both Sam and Erin have had heartbreak, and the one shining link between them is little Riley. Sam knows he's risking Erin's anger by showing up at her home and not revealing who he really is (the lawyers haven't given his name to her), but he's willing to risk this just to get a chance to get to know his son. As for Erin, she had a tumultuous past and latches onto Riley for her future stability. The bed and breakfast is on shaky ground because not only is she not pulling in tenants, but her ownership is tied into Riley's presumed (and now dead) father. If Sam is Riley's father, then her future becomes murky.

At times in A FATHER'S SECRET, Sam seems like a jerk with the way he goes about winning Erin's trust and gaining access to Riley, but once readers learn about his emotional pain and guilt, he'll be easier to understand. Erin, for her part, isn't the perfect romance book heroine with her own dark past, but being a mother is all that matters now. Once Riley's paternity is determined, how will things work out? But along the way a few twists and turns makes A FATHER'S SECRET a truly engrossing read you won't want to put down.

If you love an emotionally satisfying read, then you won't go wrong with A FATHER'S SECRET. It's definitely a winner in that department and one I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer