Wells Landing
Series - Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-3455-1
January 2015
Amish Romance

Wells Landing, Oklahoma - Present Day

Emily Ebersol has been in love with Luke Lambright all of her life, and they've planned to marry since they were kids, until Luke discovered a love of racing cars and all things Englisch.  Now, Emily spends her days waiting for Luke to return, but he's off chasing his dreams in the city. She doesn't know much about love, but Emily knows her own mind, even though it seems as if everyone around her is trying to push her toward farmer Elam Riehl.  Suddenly, her entire life is changing.  Her father forced her to quit teaching school and work at the family's market stall, and her mother is sending her to help out Mrs. Riehl, whose husband needs full time care.  Emily fears that her father, Bishop Ebersol, is much more strict with her than he is with his other parishioners. All she can do is move away from her frustration, knowing that her father looks to her as an example of perfection for the whole congregation.

Dairy farmer Elam Riehl first noticed Emily when he was fourteen years old and she was ten.  He fell in love with her, even at that young age, but Emily has always only had eyes for Luke Lambright, even if he's no good for her.  Emily can never be part of Elam's life.  He has too many responsibilities to think of courting anyone.  His father recently suffered a horrible accident that left the man barely able to function as an adult, leaving Elam to take over the family business.  And now, today, here is Emily Ebersol herself, in his mother's kitchen, sitting at the table with his father!  How dare she bring his father out of his sickroom when he is in constant danger of falling!  Elam does not like Emily changing things with her new ideas for his father's care.  Even so, he can't stay away from her.  He isn't sure what to make of this new development.  It appears that Bishop Ebersol and the entire town wants him and Emily to get together, but he also knows that Emily will never give up Luke.  And Elam will not love a woman who doesn't return his feelings.

When Elam finally decides that COURTING EMILY will put her into his future, Luke is still in the picture, and Emily is confused about her feelings for Elam.  She is beginning to love this man; he is solid and secure in his faith, and dependable.  But when Luke heard about her seeing Elam, he started showing up late at night, throwing pebbles against her bedroom window, tempting her to sneak out of the house to meet him.  How can Emily decide which man she really loves; how can she choose between them?

COURTING EMILY is the second novel in the Wells Landing series, following CAROLINE'S SECRET (August 2014).  Both books stand alone, but are so enriching together!  Next up is LORIE'S HEART, due in September 2015.  These stories are filled with dynamic and lively characters, full of emotion and passion, and a wee bit of danger just to spice things up. They are complex and intricate plots that give the reader total satisfaction on all counts.

COURTING EMILY is a heartwarming story about two special people and their journey toward their future.

Diana Risso