Wells Landing Series - Book 1
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-3453-7
August 2014
Amish Romance

Wells Landing, Oklahoma - Present Day

Caroline Hostetler fled Ethridge, Tennessee after her romance turned sour and left her expecting an Englisher's child.  The strict Amish community she grew up in would never accept her or her baby once the truth of Caroline's mistake became known.  But she has been happy living in Wells Landing for the past two years, letting people assume she's a widow and that little Emma is her deceased husband's child.  This little town in Oklahoma is now Caroline's safe haven, even though she carries a secret that may well destroy her in the eyes of her new friends.  Esther Lapp took her in, gave her a home and a job in the bakery, for which Caroline is thankful, but not even Esther knows CAROLINE'S SECRET.

After losing the love of his life, Andrew Fitch came from Missouri to help his uncle, Abe Fitch, in the furniture business.  When Andrew meets the pretty young widow, Caroline, his heart begins to melt just as a little spark of something pushes him to get to know her.  But Caroline makes it clear that she is not interested in dating, and Andrew believes she still grieves for her husband.  Meanwhile, Esther is planning ways to throw the two sweethearts together by asking Abe to help, which results in a new romance for Esther and Abe.

Both Andrew and Caroline are hiding secrets that might well destroy their newfound happiness, but it is clearly CAROLINE'S SECRET that will do the most damage once Andrew learns of her past.  As these two young people fall in love and are encouraged by the entire Amish community, the sudden presence of a stranger in town looms threateningly over them.  Dynamic characters, a little mystery, and romance make CAROLINE'S SECRET a must read novel.  The first in The Wells Landing Series , CAROLINE'S SECRET is soon to be followed by COURTING EMILY in January 2015.

Grab a copy of CAROLINE'S SECRET and start a new adventure in Wells Landing!

Diana Risso