The Drummond Vow , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2202
ISBN: 978-0-373-73215-9
December 2012
Series Romance

Off the South Florida coast – Present Day

Vicki St. Cyr is on a quest to find a missing piece of a Drummond family heirloom and claim a nice reward. After helping one Drummond cousin in the search, she's now in Florida on the next stop—seeking out her former flame, Jack Drummond, for assistance. Vicki has to resist Jack's charms once again, but that proves impossible. While he agrees to help her in the search, he seems more bent on getting her into bed with him. Will he prove to be too much of distraction for her to get what she wants? Can she walk away from Jack without her heart being broke?

Jack has enough wealth to last a lifetime and a rich family history as a descendant of a pirate; and with life a beach party for him, he could care less about the Drummond family heirloom and its rumored affect on his family's love life. But he agrees to help Vicki and plans to enjoy seducing her while she's here. Jack Drummond has no intention of ever settling down, yet as each day passes with Vicki, he begins to wonder how he can go on without her in his life.

What more can readers ask for than a tale of reunited lovers, pirates, and sandy beaches off the coast of warm and sunny South Florida? Vicki and Jack had a brief affair years ago but parted ways when both realized it would go nowhere. Jack is a confirmed bachelor, and Vicki is trying to regain her financial footing after a financial failure. But if she wants to claim the reward offered by Katherine Drummond to locate the missing pieces of the ancient Drummond cup, she is going to need Jack's help. Never mind that if all the three pieces are recovered it will bring back good luck in love to the Drummond family who has experienced nothing but bad luck in love. Jack's sophisticated charm is smooth, even as he is as adventurous and laidback as Mick in Crocodile Dundee or Jack Colton in Romancing the Stone . It doesn't take long for Jack to get Vicki into his bed, but it turns out to be a stroke of luck that his bed is the perfect place to discover a lead in the search for his ancestor's sunken pirate boat. You'll have to read THE DEEPER THE PASSION… to discover why the bed plays a pivotal role.

Vicki and Jack have an adventure neither will likely ever forget in THE DEEPER THE PASSION…, and I don't necessarily mean finding love amongst the sunken treasure. Their discovery changes their lives, and the emotional journey they experience brings some revelations for both. Will confirmed bachelor Jack turn his back on his single status and claim Vicki as his bride? You'll have to find the answer to this in the entertaining and intriguing THE DEEPER THE PASSION…

Patti Fischer