The Drummond Vow , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2170
ISBN: 978-0-373-73183-1
July 2012
Series Romance

Long Island, New York – Present Day

Cinderella…meet the reluctant Prince Charming.

Annie Sullivan has been billionaire Sinclair Drummond's housekeeper for six years and enjoys the perks the job provides. Mainly because the man of the house is rarely in residence. Sinclair is attractive and two times divorced and makes it clear he isn't in the market for bride number three. But one day, Annie and Sinclair begin searching for a missing piece of a chalice cup that has been traced back many centuries to the Drummond family.  Supposedly if found and put together, it will break the family's curse that prevents the family from finding happiness in love. They run across a dress from years ago and, on a whim, Annie tries it on. Suddenly, Sinclair and Annie can't keep their hands off each other and they make love. Is there something magical about the dress, or did they just lose their sanity?

Sinclair thinks his bad luck in love stems from his family's bad luck and the missing cup. Okay, he doesn't really believe in the curse, but that doesn't stop him from looking for the missing piece. He has only seen Annie as his loyal housekeeper, but now he can't stop thinking about her…and making love to her again. Fate seems bent on throwing them together, along with help from two visitors, his mother and a female guest. Will this mean Sinclair and Annie have a chance to get together? Or is midnight about to strike down any chance at happiness?

THE CINDERELLA ACT is a tale of the well to do and the working class that seems dated for modern times. Sinclair's family is wealthy, with homes in different areas, so it's not surprising that Annie only sees him occasionally. She came from humble means and is trying to save money for a home and business of her own. Up until that fateful afternoon, she hadn't really thought of her boss in that way, but once she tastes his passion, it's all she can think about. Even the thought of his getting involved with another woman leaves her shaken. Was it the dress that suddenly made her aware of him, or was it just a catalyst to the real desire which simmers between them? Annie doesn't think she is worthy of Sinclair's attention and tries to downplay the sexual feelings she has for him, but things finally come to a head—until fate again steps in the way. Can Sinclair and Annie work through the barriers and live happily ever after, just like in Cinderella ?

The first book in The Drummond Vow series, we learn that it will feature three men from different branches of the Drummond family tree. This seems to be an interesting and intriguing series, and I can't wait for the next one.

Sinclair and Annie try to avoid each other in THE CINDERELLA ACT but they can't deny the attraction. A passionate tale that mixes in a hint of paranormal and history with the present time, THE CINDERELLA ACT is a compelling read for the month of July.

Patti Fischer