Harlequin Desire #2340
ISBN-13:  978-0-373-73353-8
November 2014
Series Romance

Salalah, Oman Present Day

Daniyah Hasan is in a bookstore when she finds the book she was looking for in the hands of a handsome man.  He introduces himself as Quasar, and she has coffee with him, and maybe a date the next day.  In conservative Oman, that is just this side of being racy.  When Daniyah's mother died when she was a teenager, she was sent to relatives in America and she went to college and studied Art History.  Now, after a divorce from her husband, she has no job and no way to support herself and came back to Oman and her strict father and two younger brothers.  It's hard to decide where she belongs anymore, since Oman doesn't really need art historians, especially since her father wanted her to study something like engineering so she could get a job.

Quasar's family owns several resorts in Oman, and Quasar spends most of his time in America, wheeling and dealing and making money.  As he tempts Daniyah with trips to his brother's resort and spending time with her, he begins to see the advantages or having a woman around as his two newlywed brothers have been telling him.

When Quasar finally introduces himself to Daniyah's father Mohammed, it turns out there has been a massive legal suit between Mohammed and Quasar's two brothers for twelve years over some land they bought from his father before he died.  They want to build a resort on this land, but Mohammed is like a bulldog and won't give up.  It's pretty much assured he would not be happy over any relationship Daniyah has with the Al Masur family.

Jennifer Lewis has written the third book about the three Al Masur brothers, and Quasar is known as the ladies man.  He enjoys his life, and especially temping Daniyah.  Daniyah is still shaky from a divorce and the feelings of worthlessness she feels.  Her father doesn't know what to do about her untraditional ways and has found a nice older widower for her who has money and wouldn't be against marrying a divorced woman.  But sneaking around with Quasar could get her caught and thrown out of her house, and then where would she go?

Secondary characters are Quasar's two brothers Elan and Salim and their wives, who enjoy seeing him trying to grapple with a serious relationship.  Daniyah's father is determined to hate Quasar's family, and her two brothers constantly seem to be watching her for signs of getting into trouble.

HER DESERT KNIGHT is a story in the finest tradition of the sheikh stories, except Quasar is a modern businessman trying to bridge the gap between business in American and the traditions and family life in Oman.  Take a short journey to Oman this month and learn its secrets in HER DESERT KNIGHT.

Carolyn Crisher