A TRAP SO TENDER – Jennifer Lewis
The Drummond Vow , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2220
ISBN: 978-0-373-73233-3
March 2013
Series Romance

Singapore and Scotland -- Present Day

Tycoon James Drummond has the business world to conquer, and Singapore is next on his list. His paths cross with Fiona Lam, who isn't a slouch in the business-making herself, but she shows an inordinate interest in James the man. They hit it off and soon he's inviting Fiona to join him in Scotland. It's purely business, yet the sparks fly between them. James's tales of a missing family heirloom piece that he's looking for at his Scottish castle has her intrigued, but the search gets waylaid when he asks her to marry him—right away.

Fiona is stunned by how fast her relationship with James has gone. She hasn't been upfront with him entirely as she's interested in a piece of property that he recently acquired that she wants. Specifically, she feels he took advantage of her father's bad business luck and stole the property. As a way to help her dad out, she wants to purchase the property back, but James (through her contacts) has refused. Now she has the man at her mercy and he's ready for her to conquer—until he proposes. Should she take advantage of his attraction to her—and then let him down once she gets what she wants?

Jennifer Lewis takes readers on a trip around the world with A TRAP SO TENDER, the final tale in The Drummond Vow series. Even as James snaps up properties, he's also promised a distant cousin that he would look for the final piece of a cup that has haunted their family for years. If all the pieces are found and put together, their bad luck at love will end. So far, two pieces have been found, and it's up to James to find the final part. He tells Fiona that story and it gives her an excuse to get closer to him as they jet off to his Scottish castle.

Fiona's relationship with her father is tenuous, mainly because she was raised in the United States while he remained in Singapore. She hopes that by reacquiring the factory and land he lost he will be overjoyed and they will become closer again. But Fiona is going to have to win over James to get her hands on it. Her motives are certainly not honorable, yet she didn't expect that there would be chemistry between her and James. On one hand, Fiona feels guilty over what she's doing, but she knows that one piece of property would surely not be missed by James when he has an empire.

But James has his own motives for wanting to marry Fiona. She would provide him with a family and respectability, which is important in Singapore society. James is perplexed by his feelings for Fiona. Being around her seems right and they get along. How will he react when he learns of her duplicity? Will they find the missing Drummond cup piece?

A TRAP SO TENDER is a romance that spans the world and seems destined to fail with the deceptions by both James and Fiona, yet works in a way that will pull readers in. An emotional and sizzling tale, grab up a copy of A TRAP SO TENDER before it disappears from bookshelves.

Patti Fischer