A Hard Feelings Novel
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-46665-5
January 2014
Contemporary Romance

Watertown, New York – Present Day

Tattoo artist Ronnie Clark hates Valentine's Day, especially since she currently doesn't have a man in her life after her ex screwed her over. She plans to sell the house they bought together and move on. One day, hot, sexy Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson walks into the tattoo parlor where she works, and Ronnie's breath nearly stops. He's after a tattoo, and Ronnie is the artist, so they spend time together—talking as the sexual attraction rises to a sizzle between them. Neither Ronnie nor Kale is looking for a commitment, especially with his mind set on getting back to his soldiers in the field. Yet, while both resist the attraction, it can't be denied. Sex without commitment seems like a good thing, until it's soon hard to forget about the other.

Ronnie is a tough chick who isn't afraid to fight for what she wants or against others, yet her trust was broken by her ex-boyfriend when he cheated on her and left her to pick up the pieces. The house they bought together has to be sold before she can leave Watertown behind, so the last thing she is looking for is to get involved with another man. Kale is strong, admirable and sexy whose goal in life is to protect those he cares for, no matter it be a woman, man or his country. Ronnie isn't looking for protection and just rolls her eyes at Kale's “Captain America” caricature that is painted about him by those who know him well. But in THE VALENTINE'S ARRANGEMENT, Kale comes in handy a few times, whether Ronnie needs protection or a quickie in bed to scratch an itch. They start out slow, taking the “let's be friends” route first, but the heat rises between them and they soon can't keep their hands off each other. Yet the more sex they have, the further Ronnie pushes Kale away.

Readers will admire Ronnie's gutsy attitude as she spends her days inking tattoos and telling herself that there is no such thing as love. Kale's love of his life is the military and he plans a lifetime commitment. He's currently home on leave but plans to ship out soon to rejoin his men overseas, and meeting Ronnie doesn't change his plans. Ronnie is a hot chick and he admires her resiliency in the face of all that she's faced, what with a tough life growing up and being cheated on by her boyfriend. A temporary sexual fling is all they offer each other, but the connection between them grows. By the end of THE VALENTINE'S ARRANGEMENT, will they rethink the temporary part of their arrangement?

With sizzling hot sex that only draws them closer and highlights their chemistry, THE VALENTINE'S ARRANGEMENT is my first book by author Kelsie Leverich, but she pens a superb tale that hits the high—and hot—notes. Grab this one for a read that will surely have you reaching for a cold drink.

Patti Fischer