ISBN-13: 978-0-8034-7797-1
December 2010
Regency Romance

London , England - 1812

Iris Newgate has a problem.  In a matter of weeks she will either be betrothed to a man she does not love, or forced to live out her life as a destitute spinster.  Oh, her grandfather, Lord Colin Stanton, left her well provided for upon his death, except for that one silly clause in his will.  Within twenty-four months of his death Iris must: (a) be betrothed to a man of her choice, or (b) marry Lord James Whitman.

Iris does not even know Lord Whitman!  And nowhere in all of London is there a more notorious, more talked about member of the gentry!  Why, she'll never be able to lift her head up if she marries such a rake!  Iris believes in true love, but since she hasn't found anyone she likes as a friend, let alone to wed, she'll be forced to ask Grandfather's barrister, Edgar Clark, to do the honor of becoming her betrothed!  And he's nearing 80 ...

What is Iris to do?  She could strike THE CHRISTMAS BARGAIN with Lord James…or not.  Poor Iris, she's in such a dilemma, and not even her friends, Catherine or Lady Bridget Miles, can help her.  Catherine is engaged and soon to be married, and Bridget already has a wonderful husband.  How can Iris settle for the scandalous Lord Whitman?  She is in such a quandary.  Then one day, right before Lady Hargrove-Smythe's Fall Fete, Iris meets a man in the park.  She should not have talked to him at all—they have not been properly introduced—but there he was, and could she help it if he just sat down on the park bench and listened to her tale of woe?

Iris shouldn't pay attention to the gossip of the ton , and she wants to marry for love, not duty.  Meanwhile, all over London , there are Barons being murdered, and it's rumored that Lord Whitman is the murderer!  How can Iris overlook that?  But Lord Whitman, or James, has many secrets that he is not talking about to anyone, least of all the fair Iris.  What is Iris to do?

THE CHRISTMAS BARGAIN is a debut novel for author Sarita Leone, and it's a charming tale!  Although this book was not released until December 24, it's still part of the Christmas spirit and will surely delight all readers!

Diana Risso