ONE NIGHT, WHITE LIES – Jessica Lemmon
The Bachelor Pact , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2674
ISBN: 978-1-335-60376-0
July 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

San Diego, California & Seattle, Washington – Present Day

Reid Singleton is attending a technology trade show in San Diego when he spots a beautiful woman and he becomes fascinated by the brunette bombshell. After she spots him watching her, she approaches him. Her nametag says “Christina,” though it amuses her when he calls her by that name. The attraction between them is mutual, and they're soon stealing away to his room, where they make love. It is only later—much later—that Reid spots a birthmark on her. It's then that he realizes he's just had sex with his best friend's younger sister.

The last time Drew Fleming saw Reid, she was eighteen, overweight, and had blonde hair. Yes, she is indeed much different, though she was a tad surprised that he didn't recognize her. She is wearing “Christina” on her nametag at the tradeshow because she is pretending to be her roommate who got sick and was supposed to be there. After realizing that Reid didn't know her, Drew takes advantage of an opportunity to see if she can get her teen crush into bed. It works all too well. After Reid confronts Drew the next morning, they realize the attraction between them is still there. Back in Seattle, they begin a secret fling with the stipulation that her brother, Gage, not find out.

Reid, along with his best friends Gage and Flynn, had vowed to never marry after a buddy committed suicide over a breakup. But that pact was broken by Gage and Flynn, as they've now found the love of their lives. Reid, who had a devastating childhood, figures he won't be marrying anytime soon, which is why he makes it clear to Drew that she better not be thinking he'll put a ring on her finger. At this point, both are having way too much fun having sex to think about the future. But along the way, things get deeper between them. Will Reid break his “never marry” vow and ask Drew to marry him?

Drew loves the power of sex that she uses over Reid. He never even looked at her when she was eighteen, but now he can't get enough of making love to her. If her brother finds out they're seeing one another, he'll throw a gasket and get all protective on her. Why would Gage be worried if Reid is his best friend? Drew is an adult and can make her own decisions. Maybe it's because Reid appears to have some deep secrets that he hasn't even revealed to his best friends.

ONE NIGHT, WHITE LIES takes place over the course of two months as Reid and Drew act upon their attraction. Reid has his reasons for avoiding marriage but does Drew mean more to him than he realizes? What happens when Gage discovers the affair? This tale has a few humorous scenes as our couple tries to avoid having their affair found out. But ONE NIGHT, WHITE LIES also has some powerful emotion that ends up rocking their relationship. Don't miss this intriguing tale.

Patti Fischer