LONE STAR LOVERS – Jessica Lemmon
Dallas Billionaires Club, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2578
ISBN: 978-1-335-97138-8
March 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

PR wizard Penelope Brand and billionaire Zach Ferguson had a blistering one-night stand and figured they'd never see one another again. But it turns out that two of Penelope's clients are Zach's brother, Chase, and sister, Stefanie, so it's inevitable that two weeks after their fling they meet again at a party hosted by Chase, who is the mayor of Dallas. Zach and Penelope have barely reconnected at the party when an ex of Zach's makes a rowdy entrance demanding money from him. It is then that he announces to everyone around that he's engaged…to Penelope. She goes along with it and even spends the night with him again. Both figure that after a few days they can quietly “separate” but something happens that neither expects: their initial one-night stand resulted in Penelope becoming pregnant. 

Once over the shock, Penelope and Zach figure out what to do. They can co-parent, but marriage is certainly not in each other's plans. But the pregnancy complicates their “break up” plan and they decide to stick around long enough to announce their baby news. Zach is excited about the baby and literally forces Penelope to move in with him and even gives her an engagement ring. Penelope fears she is getting in way over her head with Zach. He's nice and will be a wonderful father, but she can't see them as a long-term couple. The longer she stays, the greater the chance she has of losing her heart to him.

Zach has enjoyed his carefree bachelorhood and it's unfortunate that one slip-up resulted in a nasty ex who made a scene at his brother's party. His split-second decision to announce to the room that Penelope was his fiancée seemed like a good idea at the time. Truth be known, he wanted to get to know her better. The sex between them is seriously out of this world and the smart and sexy Penelope is unlike other women he's dated. But Zach is not into commitments. Will being with Penelope and their forthcoming child change his mind?

The Fergusons of Dallas are billionaires and prominent members of society. Chase doesn't want any scandal to torch the family and Zach's latest escapade might prove to be impossible to escape. But Penelope is a skillful PR interloper and she smoothly fixes problems. However, she can't fix her own love life. While an unplanned pregnancy wasn't something she needs right now, she already loves the child growing inside her. But even as she pours a lot into her relationship with Zach, he continues to hold back the most important thing she wants: his love. 

The moment Zach and Penelope connected that fateful night in LONE STAR LOVERS, the air sizzled between them. Their chemistry is off the charts even as they battle falling in love. An engaging and enjoyable romance that will provide a smile, grab a copy of LONE STAR LOVERS.

Patti Fischer