The Callahans , Book 4
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-312-38910-9
September 2014
Romantic Suspense

Corbin County, Colorado - Present Day

As teenagers, the three Callahan cousins, Rafe, Logan, and Crowe, lost their parents as well as Crowe's baby sister in a car accident.  The young men seemed to become magnets for trouble, eventually attracting the attention of a serial killer known as the Slasher, who targeted any woman they became involved with.  The county attorney, Wayne Sorenson, always seemed to be on their side, but Crowe found out that Wayne was pulling together a file that would incriminate the Callahans in the murders, through Wayne's daughter, Amelia.  Amelia and Crowe shared a six-week relationship that stayed a secret from everyone in the county, until Crowe went back to the Marines, leaving Amelia behind.

Seven years later, Crowe and his cousins have returned permanently to Corbin County, and while Rafe and Logan have found love, Crowe has kept his distance from the only woman he'll ever love.  Then the county is rocked by the news that Wayne Sorenson is the Slasher, and the man disappears.  His grudge against the Callahan family had motivated many of his killings, and Crowe knows the best way to draw him out is to begin publicly dating Amelia. He walked away from her once before in order to keep her safe; this time, nothing will keep them apart.

ULTIMATE SINS is the stunning final book in The Callahans series. The men have faced persecution in the county they call home, but thanks to their inheritance, they haven't been able to leave the county permanently.  As they've solved the mysteries surrounding their pasts, the murder of their parents, and other young women, Rafe and Logan have fallen in love and found happiness.  They've also learned that Crowe's little sister did not die in the accident, and she has also found love.  Crowe on the other hand, has had to stay away from his love and has learned that the man responsible for all of the trouble his family has faced is the father of the woman he loves.  The desire between Crowe and Amelia is even stronger than it was seven years earlier, but both of them have been ignoring their emotions for so long, is it possible for them to admit what is between them?

Though each of the four books in this series focuses on one of the couples, the plot concerns all of the cousins, and finding out the truth is something that has been happening throughout.  Readers unfamiliar with the series may be a little confused by some of what is happening, and I would recommend reading the books in order to have a clearer understanding of what the Callahan family has gone through.  ULTIMATE SINS is a satisfying conclusion to the series which wraps everything up nicely while still providing a few surprises.

Jennifer Bishop