A Novel of The Breeds , Book 27
ISBN: 978-0-425-24607-8
August 2012
Paranormal Romance

Window Rock, Arizona - Present Day

With the health and life of two-year-old Amber Wyatt on the line, the Breeds are desperate to find Honor Roberts, Fawn Corrigan, and Judd, three of the four children the Genetic Council experimented on.  Jonas, director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs, has found out that the same serum his step-daughter was injected with is what the four missing children were exposed to, and they are the key to saving Amber.  They've learned that the two girls disappeared near Window Rock and believe that the Navajo Nation's genetic database will help Honor and Fawn, but the Nation isn't cooperating.

Liza Johnson, the assistant to the chief of the Navajo Nation, also works undercover for Navajo Law Enforcement, and is hoping to find out who has been trailing her the past few weeks.  When the confrontation comes, though, it has an unexpected result: Diane Broen steps in, and Liza is rescued by Stygian Black, an enforcer for the Bureau of Breed Affairs.  She also finds herself facing Jonas Wyatt and learning a little more about why they want access to the database.  What's even more surprising to Liza is the attraction she feels towards Stygian.  In the twelve years since the car accident that nearly took her life, Liza has had no interest in men, so the insatiable desire she feels—for a Breed no less—is not something she wants to deal with.

Stygian was intrigued the first time he met Liza, but now that he's spent some time with her, he knows that he's found his mate.  The attraction he felt immediately has transformed into admiration and something much deeper than lust.  However, his duty is to find out what happened to Honor, and the Breeds believe that Liza has the answers.

STYGIAN'S HONOR is the latest novel of The Breeds , and it is definitely beneficial to be familiar with the background before reading this story.  While Stygian and Liza may have been minor characters in the previous stories, the plot has some continuing threads from the previous books, particularly the search for Honor and Fawn.  The two girls, along with Judd and Gideon Cross, should not have survived the experiments that had been conducted on them, but they did, and when the Genetic Council planned to kill them in order to bury the proof of the experiments, they managed to escape.  Judd, Honor, and Fawn were last seen twelve years earlier near Window Rock, before they disappeared.  Gideon has played a part in some of the most recent novels—a Breed who has gone feral and is searching for Fawn and Honor, believing one of them is responsible for his condition.  The romance between Stygian and Liza plays out with this in the background.

Sizzling hot erotic romance combines with a tense suspense in STYGIAN'S HONOR.  While some questions are answered, there are others left hanging to be answered in the next exciting novel of The Breeds .

Jennifer Bishop