A Novel of the Breeds
, Book 29
Berkley Books
ISBN-13:  978-0-425-26545-1
February 2014
Paranormal Romance

Window Rock, Arizona Present Day

Nine years ago Gypsy Rum McQuade snuck out of her home to go to a party in the desert knowing her older brother Mark would follow and keep her safe.  But this time the Coyotes attacked and killed Mark, and one, Grody, almost raped her before Jonas Wyatt, director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs and other Breeds came and killed the Coyotes and saved her.  Breeds are creatures of genetic engineering with part lion, tiger, wolf, coyote and eagle genetics added to human sperm.  But deep inside, Gypsy knows her mother and father, Hansel and Greta McQuade, will never forgive her for the death of their only son.  Jonas assures her if she is ever in need, she should come to him.  Rule Breaker, one of Jonas's enforcers, was also at the scene trying to do the little things that needed doing, and for the next years made it his duty to keep an eye on Gypsy and make sure he was there for her at all the major events in her life, even if she didn't know a thing about him.

Gypsy still enjoys parties, and usually goes from bar to bar gathering information that she forwards to her contact.  At one particular bar, she sees a man staring at her, and despite herself, is drawn to him.  Rule Breaker, Investigative Commander of the Bureau of Breed affairs, has kept track of Gypsy, but is unwilling to allow anything like the Mating Heat happen between them.  Rule wants no woman to die and leave him alone.  But Jonas's daughter faces death because of a past research project, and Gypsy could hold the key.  Could Gypsy be the spy named Whisper who works for the Unknown, and how do they connect to her brother Mark?

A lengthy series by Lora Leigh, RULE BREAKER continues the story of the Breeds.  Rule is an enforcer, a strong man with many years experience behind him, but he has had a soft spot for Gypsy ever since the night her brother was killed.  Still grieving after all this time, Gypsy has felt apart from her family as Mark was the only son, and she is certain it was her wanting to go to a silly party that had him following her. When it turns out Mark was involved in something that got people mad at him, Rule is gradually persuading her that his death was not her fault.  Told from each of their points of view, they are both strong personalities, and it's only through time and ultimately trust in Rule that Gypsy has even a chance to open herself to love. Rule Breaker has kept an eye on Gypsy for years, never realizing that she could be his mate.  Gypsy has lived a shadow of a life, constantly rethinking the night her brother died, and never really interacting with her family.  Perhaps her spying activities are her own way to atone for his death.  Meeting Rule changes her whole life, and she may finally be able to move on from tragedy.

Secondary characters include Gypsy's mother and father and sister, and even her dead brother Mark, whose death devastated the entire family.  Jonas Wyatt and many other Breeds are trying still to find out what got Mark killed and how Gypsy got involved that desperate night.  And there is the secret group Gypsy has been working for, the Unknown, that may or may not be trying to kill Gypsy. RULE BREAKER is book 29 in the Novels of the Breeds series , and while it can be read alone, you really should be more familiar with the characters to get full enjoyment from the story.

Carolyn Crisher