Navy SEALs , Book 4
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-03671-1
March 2014
Romantic Suspense

Atlanta, Georgia - Present Day

Finding out that a drug kingpin is after Senator Richard Stanton and his daughter Emily places Navy SEAL Kell Krieger where he's always dreamed of and dreaded: by Emily's side day and night.  He's known her for fifteen years, but it wasn't until Emily turned eighteen that he started fantasizing about her.  When she was abducted two years ago by Diego Fuentes, Kell moved heaven and earth to find and rescue her, and now that Fuentes wants her kidnapped again, Kell will once again do whatever it takes to keep her safe.  Only this time, Kell plans to get much closer to Emily than he ever has before.

After her mother's death, Emily's father became extremely overprotective, and once she turned eighteen she didn't just get bodyguards, but bodyguards that her father saw as potential son-in-laws.  Of course, the one time she convinced her father to retract her protection, Emily was kidnapped, and for the past two years her father has been worse than ever.  However, nothing could have prepared Emily for having Kell Krieger as her newest bodyguard: one who will pretend to be her lover to allay the suspicions of the man who is once again after her.  Kell is the ultimate bad boy, and Emily has lusted after him for years, yet she also sees him as little different from her former SEAL father.  She's had enough of being smothered by love and has no interest in falling in love with a man who will restrict her freedom the same as her father has.  But the chemistry between them is too strong to be denied.

HIDDEN AGENDAS is a passion filled, romantic suspense.  Emily and Kell have each lusted after the other for years, but for reasons of their own, they avoid each other.  Emily has an adventurous spirit and feels stifled by her father's over protectiveness.  She recognizes the same qualities in Kell and has steered clear of him because of this.  However, Kell's past has caused him to have a different outlook on protecting those he loves than Senator Stanton has, but will he be able to convince Emily?

The title, HIDDEN AGENDAS, refers to more than just Emily and Kell's relationship; everyone from Diego Fuentes, the leader of the Cartel, to Senator Stanton has reasons for the events they set in motion.  Taut suspense, betrayals, and an erotic romance blend together to make HIDDEN AGENDAS a riveting tale.

Jennifer Bishop