The Wrong Bed Series
Harlequin Blaze #730
ISBN: 978-0-373-79734-9
January 2013
Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

The FBI has worked for months to try to bring down an unknown blackmailer associated with a couple's intimacy retreat. Agent Ryan Vail and another agent are assigned to pose as husband and wife and pretend to be a couple with marriage problems. But things go awry before the assignment even begins as the female agent gets tied up in another case and Ryan wakes up to find his “wife” is now fellow agent Angie Wolf, a woman he can't stop thinking about since a searing kiss months ago. How is he going to be able to keep his mind on the job when all he wants to do is to pick up where the kiss left off?

Angie didn't want the assignment, but as the agent who did a lot of the research and planning, she's the best one to replace Ryan's partner. She realizes she's attracted to him, but she can't let herself get lost in lust with Ryan or they could jeopardize the job. Never mind that the undercover assignment means sleeping in the same bed with Ryan and appearing to be on very intimate terms with him just as any married couple would act. How is she going to survive the next few days?

A provocative tale that has a couple pretending to be married and sleeping together, LYING IN BED sizzles with red-hot chemistry between Ryan and Angie. They have to act professionally, yet intimate, which means touching each other. The torture of touching and not being able to respond how they would really like to—like true lovers—causes extra sexual tension in LYING IN BED. Their assignment is to convince the blackmailer to reveal his, her, or themselves by convincing everyone that Ryan is blackmail material. Ryan and Angie aren't sure which of the employees is the blackmailer—or if all of them are. It's their job to get the scenario set up and start the plan in motion. But their heightened sexual desire for each other threatens to expose them and ruin the assignment. Can Ryan and Angie get the job done even as they fight their attraction?

Smoldering sensuality highlights LYING IN BED as passion simmers under the heat of the Nevada desert retreat. Angie and Ryan are professional in their jobs, but neither can deny the passion when it finally boils over. For a riveting, passionate tale, grab LYING IN BED for a hot read that will have you reaching for the ice.

Patti Fischer