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Hana Trio , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2919
ISBN: 978-1-335-58158-7
January 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles – Present Day

Violinist Megan Han loves performing classical music with her sisters. They perform as the Hana Trio, but she wants to expand her repertoire by performing at a nightclub. In a hurry to get there, Megan runs out of gas, and it is a stranger in a fancy car comes to her aid. He ends up driving her there, where she performs. Afterward, she discovers that her stranger decided to stick around and watch her performance. She doesn’t know his name, yet she can’t help but fall into bed with him that night. She figures that she won’t see him again—until her father introduces her to the company’s newest CFO, Daniel Pak. He is her one-night stand. It’s been weeks since she hooked up with Daniel and she has news for him. She is pregnant with his child. 

Before the night is over, Megan has informed Daniel that she is carrying his child. His first reaction is to ask her to marry him. Both realize that once her father finds out that Megan and Daniel had a one-night stand and she got pregnant, he might fire Daniel. She turns down his marriage proposal but agrees to keep connected with him about the pregnancy while she tries to figure out the best way to tell her father. It turns out her father is not-so-secretly trying to matchmake, which means Daniel and Megan are forced together. Their togetherness only magnifies something that neither realizes at first: they are attracted to each other. 

One night together leads to an unplanned pregnancy in ONE NIGHT ONLY. For Daniel, it means that if he wants to remain employed then he will need to go along with Megan’s plan to not inform her father who the baby daddy is. She does tell her sisters, Chloe and Angie, but they agree to keep it a secret. As the weeks go on, both Megan and Daniel grow closer as they watch their baby growing inside her. She wants to remain independent as she has always been babied by her father. Daniel didn’t consider himself marriage material after an unpleasant experience, but he’s willing to marry Megan to give their child his name and support. But Megan wants love. Will both get what they want?

The second tale in the Hana Trio series about the three Han sisters, ONE NIGHT ONLY is an emotional read as Megan grapples with the pregnancy, how to figure out her feelings about Daniel, and dealing with her father. It’s clear that they are attracted to each other but neither expected it to happen. Can they find happiness together? Their one-night stand soon turns into more nights together as they can’t get enough of each other. If you love a sensual tale with characters who sizzle with hot chemistry, then don’t miss ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Patti Fischer

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