ALL OF YOU – Christina Lee
Between Breaths,
Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-451-46977-9
July 2014
New Adult Romance

Present Day

Avery has a past—who doesn't, after all?—and because of what happened, love has no place in her present or future. A good student and a good worker, Avery lets her wild side out at parties, taking home guys to have a little one-on-one fun. But when she sees Bennett at a frat party, Avery can't get him out of her mind, and no one else can even come close.

Bennett doesn't understand Avery's lifestyle and doesn't want to be just another conquest. Instead, the two form an unlikely friendship, and for once, Avery might actually let someone in past the walls she has built around her heart. But Avery's commitment phobia isn't the only thing keeping Bennett and Avery apart; her past is coming back to haunt her, and Bennett will be caught in the crossfire.

ALL OF YOU by Christina Lee is a unique and original New Adult Romance. In a genre full of tropes, author Lee gives the audience a hero unlike any the audience has seen before. Lee's characterization feels true to life, and the audience cannot help but love Avery and Bennett despite their faults and missteps. The romance is sweet, and the reader will long for the scenes of them together.

A strong, moving story of love and family trauma, ALL OF YOU by Christina Lee is the can't-miss novel of the summer for all fans of the burgeoning genre of New Adult Romance. Unique and skillfully crafted, this novel will be well loved by readers who need a little drama in their stories of first love.

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Amanda Toth