Miniseries: Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2121
ISBN: 978-0-373-73134-3
November 2011
Series Romance

Wilds of Colorado Present Day

Gazillionaire Justice St. John thought he had the perfect plan. With the help of his agoraphobic uncle, Justice devises a computer program that will pick the perfect wife for him. While speaking at an engineers' conference, Justice is intrigued by a woman who is seemingly out of place. But if she is an attendee, then she must be on his list of potential wives, correct? Instantly attracted, it isn't long before they're making love. This must be the perfect woman for Justice, someone who's intelligent and they're compatible together. Then, he realizes who she is, the young girl who nearly destroyed his life when he was seventeen. Justice literally throws her out of the hotel room.

Daisy Marcellus has loved Justice since she was fifteen years old. Yes, she didn't tell him her true age when they first made love, but they were destined to be together. While at the conference, she had a second chance and he rebuffed her. But that time spent together produced a child, and months later, Daisy heads to Colorado , ready to introduce their daughter to Justice. Justice, who is used to an orderly life, now has his privacy invaded by Daisy, their daughter, and her extended family. Stunned to learn he has a child, he's amazed by the news, yet still distrustful of Daisy. What is she really after?

What happens when you take a super-intelligent (and rich) man who talks like Mr. Spock and combine him with an easygoing children's book writer who feels their love is destined? Then you have Justice and Daisy in NOTHING SHORT OF PERFECT by Day Leclaire. Justice has a hard time expressing emotion and living with an uncle who refuses to come out from the dark rooms below; well, you have a man whose life has suddenly been thrown into upheaval with the arrival of Daisy and baby Noelle. Yet, each time Daisy and Justice are around each other, the result is an explosion of need and passion. Justice tells himself that he and Daisy can't be compatible. He has a computer program to pick out his perfect wife. Yet time and time again it's proven wrong in NOTHING SHORT OF PERFECT.

Daisy is puzzled by Justice's dislike of her, but when she learns the truth, she has to convince him that she didn't know the reason he left when they were teens. He's a hard sell, though the cuddly little Noelle is a bit of a helper at breaking the ice. He loves being a father, so how is Daisy going to win him over? Justice lives in the dark, away from the light of love and sunshine, and Daisy has to make him see that he needs to open his life.

Ms. Leclaire has penned an unusual tale and I applaud her for this. Justice spouts off big words and has a logical mind, but is thrown nearly speechless on how to react to Daisy. Can he find the way to a happily-ever-after? Find out in the truly engaging NOTHING SHORT OF PERFECT.

Patti Fischer