Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2139
ISBN: 978-0-373-73152-7
February 2012
Series Romance

Seattle, Washington – Present Day

As billionaire Lucius Devlin's efficient personal assistant, Angie Colter has seen just about everything when it comes to her boss. But when she learns that he's trying to find a wife through a computer software program, she's flabbergasted. Yes, Angie knows Lucius needs a woman to help him raise the baby he has guardianship of, but now she thinks he's gone too far. Especially when he can't see that Angie would be the perfect choice for him.

To the outside world, Lucius is intelligent and confident, but deep down is a man insecure in revealing his feelings. Lucius watched his best friend marry the only woman he was involved with, yet it wasn't that he was in love with her, but because he envied their relationship. When they were killed in an accident, Lucius was left to raise their baby, despite the objections of the paternal grandparents. A wife by his side could cement Lucius's claims, so he asked a friend for analytical assistance. But Angie tampers with the software, making it appear she is perfect wife material. Lucius takes the bait…

Logical and nearly emotionless, Lucius is known as “the devil” among business associates for his devilish ways of handling business affairs. After he is awarded custody of the baby, he acknowledges he isn't Dr. Spock, but he doesn't shirk his responsibilities. Angie is his loyal personal assistant and doesn't blink an eye when she's called upon to also take on baby caring duties. Angie is going to have to break down the wall Lucius has erected around his heart, knowing it will be a tough battle. Seeing her with the baby will surely be a way to do so. But how will he react when it's revealed she manipulated the computer program?

Once Lucius gets Angie on his radar, he suddenly finds it hard to stop thinking about her, especially getting the chance to undress her and ravish her luscious body. She's MORE THAN PERFECT in that department for him. Angie is someone whom Lucius took for granted until he's forced to finally acknowledge she's a human being. Once that happens, he discovers an uncontrollable lust for her. The interactions between Angie and Lucius are amusingly entertaining and readers will know they'll soon be experimenting with their newfound attraction. While MORE THAN PERFECT revolves around a baby, we see very little of the infant, Mikey. A surprise near the end changes a lot for Lucius. Will it be the same for Angie?

Day Leclaire will touch the funny bone and the heart with this engaging tale. Check out MORE THAN PERFECT and find out for yourself.

Patti Fischer