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EXES & O’S – Amy Lea
The Influencer , Book 3
ISBN: 978-059336601
January 10, 2023
Romantic Comedy 

Boston, Massachusetts – Present Day 

Tara Chen loves reading romance books and is even an Instagram influencer where she discusses her books and her love life. While she is happy, the one thing that has eluded her is having her own true love. After ending her romance with guy #10, she is wondering if she’s made a mistake. Should she contact the former men she once dated—all ten of them—and see if the sparks are still there? Meanwhile, Tara is moving into her best friend’s fiancé’s old bedroom at an apartment that he shared with firefighter Trevor Metcalfe. Their relationship will be strictly platonic, and she was assured their schedules would allow them to rarely cross paths. However, on the day that she arrives at the apartment to move in, she discovers Trevor boinking a woman on the kitchen table. Eww.  

Trevor thought Tara was supposed to arrive later, after he left for work, so he hadn’t gotten rid of his one-night stand yet. He’s amused by her reaction, though he did apologize. It also turns out that Trevor and Tara are opposites. He is neat and tidy, while she is messy. He soon discovers that she has made a list of ten men she once dated and is hoping to find out if one of them is her one true love. Trevor offers to help her, and soon she is realizing something she never expected…she is attracted to Trevor. But is it just something about their living together that makes him so attractive? As each man on her list is crossed off, it appears that maybe something wasn’t wrong with them. Is it her?  

After believing that there was something wrong with the men she dated, Tara is soon learning a lot about herself in EXES & O’S. She holds Instagram chats where she talks about her quest to find the men and what happens with them. She loves the feedback and gets suggestions about what to do next. Of course, everyone wants to know if she’s “doing” her new roomie. Nah, they are just friends. But are they only just friends? Granted, Trevor is a good listener, and he offers sage advice, but is he someone that Tara would be interested in? News for Tara…cupid doesn’t care about how you think things should be. She is soon having dreams about having sex with Trevor. Will those dreams come true? She is looking for Mr. Forever, but is Trevor anywhere near being that guy? 

In EXES & O’S, there are several cute and funny scenes involving Tara’s quest to find her ten men. Of course, her last failed relationship is nearby, and he is definitely not Mr. Right as he criticizes her too much. Trevor, however, turns out to be supportive. They continue to tease each other, yet it quickly becomes clear that they are at ease with each other. How long will Tara see that her Mr. Right is right in front of her? But how does Trevor feel? EXES & O’S only explores Tara’s point of view, so readers don’t know Trevor’s thoughts.

By the end of EXES & O’S, readers will be satisfied as Tara realizes what really is going on around her. Does she get together with Trevor? Find out in this truly entertaining tale.

Patti Fischer

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