WHAT LIES BENEATH - Andrea Laurence
Harlequin Desire #2152
ISBN: 978-0-373-73165-7
April 2012
Series Romance

Manhattan, New York - Present Day

It's been a month since the plane crash in which she was one of three survivors, but she still can't remember her life.  She doesn't remember anything about Cynthia Dempsey, society darling, or about the family and fiancé that are by her bedside whenever she awakens.  With her face healed from the reconstructive surgeries necessary to restore her face, and her body mostly in working order, Cynthia is about to head home to the apartment she shares with Will Taylor, the fiancé that she senses doesn't like her very much.  Once away from the hospital, Will wastes little time in informing her that the engagement was over.

When she first woke up in the hospital, Will Taylor was surprised by the change in Cynthia.  Gone was the shrewish, demanding ice princess he had been engaged to, and while she's more like the woman he fell in love with in college, he isn't ready to trust her.  She's already betrayed him once, and when she's back on her feet, Will has every intention of moving on.  Yet, the more time he spends with Cynthia, the more he falls under her spell, and begins imagining what their life together could be like again.  But can Will trust that when she regains her memory, she'll be the Cynthia he's falling in love with?

Debut author Andrea Laurence delivers a compelling tale in WHAT LIES BENEATH.  Nothing seems familiar for Cynthia, but the head injury she suffered in the plane crash makes this seem plausible to her and her family.  What she learns of her life before the crash doesn't make her seem very likable, but she makes the decision—with Will's help—to let this be a second chance to build a life that she likes.  Though Will notices the inconsistencies in Cynthia, he attributes this to the fact that they'd grown apart over the past couple of years, and he's spent more time with his work than with his fiancée.  As both of them take his suggestion to heart and try to look at this as a second chance, Will and Cynthia get to know one another again, and their feelings for one another are rekindled.  But what will happen when Cynthia regains her memory?  Pick up WHAT LIES BENEATH and find out.

Jennifer Bishop