Secrets of Eden , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2207
ISBN: 978-0-373-73220-2
January 2013
Series Romance

Cornwall, Connecticut -- Present Day

Businessman Wade Mitchell would rather be anywhere else than at his foster parents' Christmas tree farm on the eve of Christmas, but after learning they sold part of their land, he's on a mission to re-acquire the property. With his money, Wade figures it will be an easy job, but when he shows up at the trailer of the buyer, he doesn't expect to be greeted with a shotgun in his face held by a woman from his past. Victoria “Tori” Sullivan has no intention of selling her newly acquired land, especially to the man who once accused her of spilling company secrets and then firing her. Wade's in a pickle—he needs the land back before a secret buried on the property is exposed and decides the only way to do it is to seduce Tori.

Raised by a family that was nearly always on the  move, Tori is finally looking to settle down in Connecticut and build her own home after accumulating a nice nest egg. When Wade shows up at her door, she's flummoxed that he's related to the nice couple she bought the property from, and by Wade's insistence that she sell it back to him. Wade decides to stick around the family farm and begins to work his wiles on Tori, and she's soon melting into his arms. Fiery passion burns between them and soon cannot be denied. But how will Tori feel when she learns Wade's using his seductive powers on her to persuade her to sell to him? After all, she's falling in love with a man she should hate.

A couple at odds over a piece of land is at the heart of UNDENIABLE DEMANDS by Andrea Laurence. Wade's life wasn't easy as a child, but once he was taken in by Ken and Molly Edens, his life forever changed for the good. He's now a successful businessman and determined to use his charms to convince Tori to sell. But he's afraid she'll stumble onto the secret he and his foster brothers have kept since their teenage years. Will readers learn the truth of what's hidden on the land Tori now owns? Tori never forgot that Wade fired her over a transgression that she denies. Yet even back then, she felt attracted to him and now, having him turn on his charms towards her has her unable to resist him. Can she hold her ground and hang onto her property? Or will Wade take her cherished land and break her heart?

The first book in the Secrets of Eden series, readers are introduced to the foster brothers and the Edens family, and it promises to be chockfull of interesting characters with an intriguing mystery of what secret the guys are hiding. UNDENIABLE DEMANDS is Wade and Tori's story, and the simmering desire between them hums like a well-oiled engine throughout the tale. It doesn't take too long before Wade's apologizing to Tori for firing her, while she wonders if fate has a way of bringing them back together. Will Wade get what he wants? And can a man married to his career find love and happiness in rural Connecticut?

An intriguing and passionate tale, make UNDENIABLE DEMANDS a part of your reading list.

Patti Fischer