A Perfect 10
Brides and Belles, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2356
ISBN: 978-0-373-73369-9
February 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Nashville, Tennessee and Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

Best friends since childhood, Tyler Dixon and Amelia Kennedy attend their high school reunion in Las Vegas, but for Amelia it's a depressing event as she's not married like many of the other attendees. Tyler reminds her of a pact they made years ago that if neither of them is married by now, they'd marry each other. On a whim, Amelia accepts and they elope while they are in Vegas. But the next morning, after a wild night of sex, she has regrets and informs Tyler it was a mistake. She heads back home to Nashville and throws herself back into her job as the caterer for a wedding planning company she co-owns with her best friends. Meanwhile, Amelia tries to get Tyler to sign the divorce papers so she can put the whole, sorry mess behind her. He shows up one day and is just about to agree to the divorce when she blurts out she's pregnant.

Tyler has been crazy about Amelia for a long time but accepted they would just be best friends. He is disappointed that she thinks their spontaneous marriage is a mistake, but he values her friendship over what he wants. When he learns she's pregnant, though, everything changes. No way is he going to walk away from the mother of his child. Tyler convinces Amelia to give their marriage a chance. If he can't convince her in thirty days to fall in love with him, then he will agree to the divorce. Tyler plans to work hard at winning his wife.

There's something about best-friends-to-lovers that call my name when I read a blurb with that premise. THIRTY DAYS TO WIN HIS WIFE is a tad unique in that they get married first before they finally fall in love, and it works well in this fun tale. All of her life, Amelia has dreamed and planned as to what her perfect wedding will be, so getting married in Vegas was definitely not something she had thought would happen. Of course, she never expected that sex with Tyler would be so spine tingling. Will she ever be able to look at Tyler again without visualizing him naked beside her? Amelia thinks the best way to get over those wicked thoughts is to get a divorce.

Tyler doesn't want to lose Amelia as a friend, so he will give up on his hopes for a happy-ever-after with her—until she announces she's pregnant. He'll now bend over backwards to woo her and convince her that they belong together as a couple. Unfortunately for him, Amelia has preconceived ideas of what love should be and thinks getting married on a whim doesn't fall into that category. But she agrees to Tyler's proposal to live together for thirty days to see if they can work it out. She didn't think the sex would be as good as it was in Vegas, but it is, and he's definitely one hot lover she can't stop fantasizing about.

From the first moment readers are introduced to Amelia and Tyler in THIRTY DAYS TO WIN HIS WIFE, it will be a book not to be put down. Knowing each other so well as best friends and then learning that love can happen makes it a terrific read I highly recommend. Amelia and Tyler's chemistry sizzles and snaps and makes THIRTY DAYS TO WIN HIS WIFE one of those books you won't soon forget. For this reason I'm awarding it one of the rare Perfect 10s from Romance Reviews Today. If you love a good romance that sparkles and shines, then grab a copy of THIRTY DAYS TO WIN HIS WIFE.

Patti Fischer