Billionaires and Babies Series: Hawaiian Nights , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2485
ISBN: 978-0-373-73498-6
December 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Maui, Hawaii Present Day

Choreographer Lana Hale works for hotel tycoon Kal Bishop at his hotel and they've become good friends. Kal is acutely aware he could easily slip into an affair with Lana, but avoids it because he values their friendship. When Lana learns her baby niece is in foster care because her sister committed a crime and is in jail, she frantically searches for a way to do whatever it takes to secure custody. A best-case scenario is that Lana be in a stable relationship, and to do that, she needs a husband. Lana turns to Kal and proposes a temporary marriage that will end when her sister is released from the treatment facility where she's been placed.

While they agree to sharing a bed, Lana doesn't expect they will be having sexual relations, but that soon turns out to be not true. Neither Kal nor Lana can resist their attraction, even though it could complicate their future working relationship. As the days pass, a deep connection builds between them, and Lana realizes that once her niece is returned to her sister, she is going to have to not only divorce Kal, but quit her job at his hotel because she's fallen in love with him.

Kal and Lana have worked together for a long time, but have ignored the signs of a building attraction. In THE BABY PROPOSAL, they're forced into marriage in order to provide a safe haven for a beautiful baby girl. It doesn't take long before the attraction sizzles and bursts into hot passion. Kal hopes the sex won't destroy their friendship, but Lana wonders how she could walk away from their marriage without a broken heart. The sex between them turns into something more, while the potential end to their marriage is an albatross hanging over them reminding them of the promise they made that it would only be temporary. Kal and Lana are starting to care for each other as more than just friends.

Kal and Lana both have Hawaiian native blood in them and it help creates a believable atmosphere for a book sent in Hawaii. Kal's brother, Mano, had his story told in THE PREGNANCY PROPOSITION. Mano and his fiancée have a couple of brief scenes in THE BABY PROPOSAL, but this tale can be read as a standalone without too much problem. In THE BABY PROPOSAL, readers are treated to the flavors of Hawaii, including a luau. There's nothing like reading a tropical set romance to get you in the mood for a day at the beach.

Will Kal and Lana realize how their simmering attraction for each other is the start of love in THE BABY PROPOSAL? They would do anything for each other, but can they admit their love? Find out in this sizzling tale by grabbing your copy of THE BABY PROPOSAL.

Patti Fischer