Dynasties: The Montoros , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2384
ISBN: 978-0-373-73397-2
July 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Coral Gables, Florida and island of Alma – Present Day

After his older brother withdrew from becoming king of the monarchy that was recently restored to his family, Gabriel Montoro soon realizes he's in a position he doesn't feel comfortable with. He is used to being the “Good Time Gabriel” but now he has to act as King Gabriel of Alma. At a party a week before he's about to leave for Alma, he spots an old friend, Serafia Espina. Gabe had a crush on her when they were teens, shortly after she became a supermodel and captured the world's attention. She disappeared suddenly years ago, so he's surprised to see her at his party. She's still beautiful and the perfect social butterfly. Gabe then gets the bright idea to hire Serafia as his modern day My Fair Lady – with her teaching him the skills to become presentable to royal society.

When Gabe first presented his offer to her, Serafia hadn't told him that is exactly what she does for a living now, though not for royals. She teaches grace and dignity to people and has been successful, so Gabe shouldn't be too hard. Accompanying the former playboy to Alma, she learns he has a hard time turning off his sexy charms and ditching the inappropriate clothes. He lets her know that he wouldn't mind a romp between the sheets, and she finds it hard to resist him, but she must, because she can't mix business with pleasure. As they spend time alone (as much as it's possible when you're teaching someone to become a king), the attraction between Gabe and Serafia builds until it's an inferno neither can resist. After their affair is discovered by the press, is Serafia going to be in line to become Gabe's queen?

It's a royal makeover in SEDUCED BY THE SPARE HEIR by Andrea Laurence. Gabriel Montoro has spent his adulthood having a good time while enjoying his bachelorhood. As part of the Montoro family that was deposed after a dictator took over Alma several decades ago, he has never spent time in that country. After his older brother withdrew from consideration as king (see CARRYING A KING'S CHILD, out last month), all eyes focused on Gabe. Due to loyalty to his family, he agrees to ascend to the throne—and it's up to Serafia to mold him into a man fit to be king. The Montoro and Espina families have a long history together. Add in Gabe's teenage crush that turns into present day lust…and a simmering attraction is about to explode between them.

But all is not perfect in SEDUCED BY THE SPARE HEIR. Gabe was kidnapped while a young man, and the experience has left him afraid of enclosed places. He hasn't shared his fears with anyone, and in this tale he has to deal with a few tight spaces. How will he react around Serafia, and will he finally share his phobia with her? But Serafia has her own issues. There was a mystery surrounding her as to why she left modeling and wasn't seen for a year. Turns out she was dealing with an eating disorder. With the ups and downs of a romantic relationship with Gabe, can she deal with it without spiraling out of control once again?

An emotional tale that deals with royal duties, phobias and eating disorders, SEDUCED BY THE SPARE HEIR is one that I highly recommend and is sure to grab your attention.

Patti Fischer