SAYING YES TO THE BOSS – Andrea Laurence
Dynasties: The Newports , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2458
ISBN: 978-0-373-73471-9
July 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Real estate CEO Carson Newport may be a ruthless tycoon, but he's currently looking for property on which to build a children's hospital to honor his late mother. His PR director, Georgia Adams, has found the perfect piece of land, but they're going to have to outbid a business rival, Sutton Winchester. The other man agrees to meet with Georgia (and only her) and during their meeting he implies he will back off on buying the property if she comes to work for him and also becomes his mistress. Georgia is appalled, and doesn't want to tell Carson what happened, but he finally pulls it out of her. Carson is furious, but also surprised at the spurt of jealousy, because suddenly he wants her to be his woman.

Georgia has worked for Carson a couple of years and has been attracted to him, and for her job's sake, has kept her feelings below the surface. But with Carson suddenly paying attention to her as a woman—and kissing her—it may be hard to resist his charms. Meanwhile, Georgia works behind the scenes trying to convince Sutton to give up his claim to the land and soon discovers something that may shock Carson and his brothers, Graham and Brooks…Sutton may be the father they never knew.

Working closely together may prove too hard for them to resist each other in SAYING YES TO THE BOSS. Georgia has been Carson's hardworking PR director, and she puts in long hours just to get things done. Carson has blithely ignored her, but one day on a spur of the moment he kisses her. Both are stunned by their reaction. Having been attracted to him, Georgia tries to brush the kiss off, but it seriously amps up her feelings for him. Carson, on the other hand, is looking at her in a new way. After learning about Sutton's interest in her, he will do whatever it takes to claim her as his…though marriage isn't part of the plan.

Raised by their single mother, the Newport brothers have successfully built their company to be one of the top players in Chicago. Losing her to cancer was hard, and they want to honor her by building a hospital with her name on it. Sutton Winchester has been one of their biggest rivals and no way is he going to win this battle. Learning that he may be their father, a plan is hatched to get his assets. Surely Sutton would want to avoid a scandal if the news of the paternity got out? How will Sutton's three legitimate children feel about suddenly having brothers? SAYING YES TO THE BOSS is the first book in the Dynasties: The Newports series that will revolve (I think) around the Newport brothers and Sutton's three daughters. Meanwhile, Georgia, who was raised in foster homes, gets a visit from her biological mother. How will that work out?

It's an office romance that heats up the pages in SAYING YES TO THE BOSS. Both Georgia and Carson weren't looking for love, but pretty soon they may be ready to say yes to marriage.

Patti Fischer