Brides and Belles , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2410
ISBN: 978-0-373-73423-8
November 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Nashville, Tennessee – Present Day

As one of the partners in the wedding planning company From This Moment, Gretchen will do just about anything to make sure every wedding goes off without a hitch. But, pretend to be the newest girlfriend of Julian Cooper, the best man and one of Hollywood's hottest actors? As a woman who dates very little, Gretchen is not sure she can pull it off, but finally agrees to try, especially since there is something about Julian that attracts her. He's very charming and is willing to go along with the ruse to act as though he's smitten with Gretchen. The problem is that she just might find herself falling for him…

Julian recently got over a nasty breakup with a starlet, and his agent thinks having a new girlfriend to squire around while he's in Nashville to attend the wedding of his best friend might help put the bad publicity behind him. Julian is reluctant at first, but when he meets Gretchen, he's intrigued by her. She claims to be “fat and uncoordinated” but he sees a beautiful woman underneath. With a makeover, she blossoms, and he's soon lusting after her. But could it turn into a mistake getting involved with sweet and innocent Gretchen?

Gretchen and her three friends started the wedding planning business, and landing this celebrity wedding was a coup. Gretchen was roped into being Julian's pretend girlfriend, but soon she's enjoying it a lot. He's attentive and likes to touch her, and for someone who has had a dearth of relationships, one can see why she's falling for him. But while the relationship might have started out as a pretend one, even Julian wants it to be more, especially after a friendship develops between them. A few kisses later, he's ready to bed Gretchen, but she drops a bombshell that takes the air out of his amorous attention.

For most of her life, Gretchen has been put down about her weight and looks, so she has pretty much hidden her body beneath ugly clothing. With Julian's assistance, she develops into an attractive woman with more confidence than she has ever had. But beneath the new façade still lies insecurity, and she doesn't know if Julian is just pretending to be interested in her, or does he really want her? Gretchen and Julian know that when the wedding is over, they'll go their separate ways…or will they? Beneath Julian's good looks is a man who has a secret about his past. Will he reveal it to Gretchen, or will she find out on her own in ONE WEEK WITH THE BEST MAN?

The Brides and Belle s series by Andrea Laurence is about the wedding planning business owned by four women. Three stories have been told, with another one about to unfold. In ONE WEEK WITH THE BEST MAN we see an ugly duckling fall in love with her Prince Charming. But will she have the same fate as what happened to Cinderella at Midnight? Learn the answer in this entertaining and intriguing ONE WEEK WITH THE BEST MAN.

Patti Fischer