Harlequin Desire #2547
ISBN: 978-0-373-83874-5
October 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Three months ago while attending a masked Mardi Gras party, accountant Emma Dempsey encountered a sexy man who swept her off her feet for a night that included sizzling sex. She never knew the stranger's name, but she was left with a couple of reminders of that night: a tattoo and the news that she's now pregnant. Before Emma must break it to her straight-laced parents that she's pregnant and unwed, she has an important work assignment to complete, an audit that is part of a joint venture between her employer and FlynnSoft. The FlynnSoft CEO, Jonah Flynn, is very attractive and Emma is drawn to him. But the moment she spots the tattoo on his finger that matches hers, she realizes that Jonah is the mystery father of her baby.

Jonah can't forget the beautiful and sexy nymph he bedded the night of the Mardi Gras party, but unfortunately, he never got her name. During their wild night of passion, they got a matching tattoo—his on his finger and hers on the upper part of her breast. Since then, Jonah has tried to find his mystery woman, but hasn't been successful. Meanwhile, he has to concentrate on his company, which is about to be audited, and can't have anyone finding out that his brother just stole three million dollars and flew off to Thailand with no explanation. He can't file charges, because it would upset his mother. Guess who her favorite son is? Emma is straitlaced and not quite as friendly as he expects, but he's still attracted to her!  Jonah can't explain his strange reaction to her until one night in the office exercise facility he discovers her tattoo…and her baby bump.

Instant attraction makes for a sinfully exciting night for Jonah and Emma in LITTLE SECRETS: SECRETLY PREGNANT. Emma grew up under the shadow of her older sister, who died due to acting recklessly, and this caused Emma to vow to not be like her sister. The night of the party, she was trying to keep a handsy admirer at bay when a masked hero (Jonah) rescues her. They hit it off and are soon sharing tequila…and much more. But all through their sexy antics that night they never exchanged names. Emma hasn't a clue where to find him, and when she realizes that it's Jonah, she is mortified. Her employer forbids his employees from getting involved with people they're auditing, so she has to get this assignment over and then she'll tell Jonah that he's soon to be a daddy.

Before Jonah realizes who Emma really is, he tries hard to woo her for at least a date, but she continually rebuffs him, though they did share a heated kiss in a closet. After her true identity is revealed, it clicks that the attraction he felt for her that night had carried over to her in his office. Jonah must tread carefully because not only is she antsy around him, but he has to hide from her about the missing three million dollars until he can shift money around. Jonah finally confronts Emma about being his mystery lover—and the baby. To his surprise, she doesn't want to marry him like he thought would happen. Now he's going to have to woo her again.

An intriguing and delightful romance, grab a copy of LITTLE SECRETS: SECRETLY PREGNANT.

Patti Fischer