Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2295
ISBN: 978-0-373-73308-8
April 2014
Series Romance

New York City, New York - Present Day

For two years, Sabine Hayes has successfully kept her son a secret from the boy's father, Gavin Brooks.  Of course, a struggling artist turned boutique manager moves in completely different circles than the billionaire CEO of an international shipping company, but a chance encounter with Gavin's best friend has him at Sabine's door within hours.  The fact they were so different is what caused Sabine to leave in the first place, and the fact that he let her go just proved that she was right to leave.  Learning she was pregnant didn't change her mind, and considering the fact that Gavin was raised by a succession of nannies until he was sent off to boarding school convinces her that Gavin would not be interested in raising a child.  Now that he knows about Jared, Sabine knows she'll have a fight on her hands.  Not just to retain custody of Jared, but also to keep the desire that still burns strong for Gavin from leading her right back into his arms.

Nobody in his life has truly stuck around for long, so it didn't surprise Gavin when Sabine left.  What did surprise him was how much he wanted her to stay.  He's thought about her often in the almost three years since she left, but now that he knows about his child, he has a reason to do so.  While he's angry at first, Sabine's honest admission about why she didn't tell him gives him pause, and he realizes she may have a point.  He's thrilled about being a father and determined to be a more-involved parent than he had, but is it possible that he can have a relationship with Sabine also?

A toddler may just provide the second chance that Sabine and Gavin need in HIS LOVER'S LITTLE SECRET.  Sabine saw that she was out of place when compared to most of the people in Gavin's life and she left, figuring it would happen sooner or later.  What she never saw was that the differences between them were a huge draw for Gavin.  The truth about Jared is revealed early on, and the book is about Gavin getting to know his son as well as trying to build a relationship with Sabine.  Her feelings for Gavin are as strong as they were the first time they were together, but she can't forget that he let her go without a fight, and now he is back because of their son.  She may want a future that includes all three of them, but it still doesn't seem as if Gavin does.

Likable characters including the almost two year old Jared make HIS LOVER'S LITTLE SECRET a charming read.

Jennifer Bishop